Sunday, May 10, 2020

Next Game Percolations With Photos

Next Games

Historical Miniatures Games
Given planetary "social distancing" all pards are only dreaming of possibilities for next games to move miniatures and throw dice together. My list of percolations, God willing, includes:

Annual BIG Colonial Game (August or September?)
Sudan: Collections of Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz) and myself; 54-60mm.
Scenario: Imagineered by Der Alte Fritz.
Gunboats, forts, villages, native watercraft, suitable terrain items and loads of miniatures.

Above are my 54mm Hadendowah sword and spear warriors from Armies in Plastic assembling for the game. There will be three bands of forty men each.  I'm almost done. Skirmishers are mostly John Jenkins Design metal pre-painted miniatures. Flags are from Flag Dude who is now retired.

Northwest Frontier (Date = ?)
General Pettygree vs his despicably evil nemesis, Ragnar Khan; 28mm.

Ragnar Khan (yellow coat) in procession atop an elephant just to the right of the middle in the image. Click on the photo to make it larger.

Breach In Time Inspired by Jim Getz (September-October?)
Military units have been suddenly transported out of battles over the centuries to Jim's fictional "Pangeastan" forming two armies; Blue and Red. In our case units will be from the time period 1600-1899; 28mm. (No automatic weapons though)

Battle of Midway Adaptation (Postponed from June into the Fall)
1/285 aircraft vs 1/2400 ships.

To give you an idea of scale:

The above is from our 12/07/2019 Coral Sea adaptation. That's GHQ's Lexington above.

USN Torpedo bombers from Lady Lex.

New Guinea Campaign
Japanese advance up the Kokoda Trail; 28mm. (Ongoing Fall into 2021)
These will be combinations of 2.5 hour games after work weeknights and an occasional Saturday morning into afternoon game.

This was from one of our Milne Bay, New Guinea games earlier this year.

Mortain 1944 (Date: Winter?)
The last German counterattack in Normandy, France; 28mm.

Two Mk IIIs from the collection of John B. readying for the game.

Otherwise These Are Also Paused

Brace Up! Chapter 3: Back To The Bridge.
A Gen. Pettygree Short Story in three chapters via a 28mm solo game.
See the first two chapters here:

Rob O. is umping a 28mm Ancient's Campaign.
Greg B. is planning a Tobruk 10mm game.
Dave G. has a WWII game on hold.
Nick K. has a WWII destroyer action in planning.
Kurt D's, Mike F.'s and Lewis S.'s "Tin Eagles"; 30mm Napoleonic flats.
Get my 18mm AB Napoleonic Russians into a game. It's been 10+ years.
I've probably forgotten something.

Yes boardgames. I've gone back to my gaming roots playing:

Pacific Battles: The Rising Sun by Decision Games. Three campaigns are offered, Bataan, Guadalcanal and The Fall of Singapore. The later is actually the entire 1941-42 campaign in Malaya. I played it twice solo holding onto Singapore in the first game and losing it in the second. Interesting.

Afrika Korps: Avalon Hill's celebrated classic. Greg B. and I are playing this by email, photographs and video.  We played this many times as teenagers though not against each other.

Frankly I've been in a painting funk. It is so much easier for me to paint when games are locked on the calendar. There are none presently. So Bob B. and I started up another Friendly Painting Challenge for regional pards for the month of May. I am finally underway with....

Fifteen Armies in Plastic Hadendowah.

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Collectively we've got a lot to look forward too.
How about you?
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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dear Readers: Solution to Problem

My previous post indicated several photos vanished.
This did not happen just to me. Multiple bloggers were affected.
Photos are an integral part of my story narration.
Photo disappearance would be like ripping out several pages in a novel.

Campaigns in Germania's story about our 3/7/20 Jacobite game was hit hard.


Lost South Pacific Adventures was also hit less so.

Missing photos were inserted back into two stories on Lost South Pacific Adventures.
So far so good.

I'm not leaving Blogger.

Bill P.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Dear Readers! A Problem!

My Dear Readers,

You have perhaps noticed that several photos are and have recently disappeared from posts and stories. This is not restricted to my blog. Other bloggers are experiencing the same in recent days.

Therefore, investigations are underway to establish a new domain elsewhere. Wordpress perhaps? Theoretically I will be in better control.

Respectfully yours,
Bill P.
Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree

Gen. Pettygree (center) thinks the problem might have been caused by his nemesis Ragnar Khan.

Hopefully the above image won't disappear too.
Any thoughts my dear chaps?

Monday, March 23, 2020

Bill's Reading List


Easter Sunday: April 12, 2020
It is Christianity's most important celebration.
The five weeks beforehand is The Season of Lent.
Lent's purpose: Enhance personal faith and one's relationship with God.

There are many ways to do this.
One is by reading/studying.   Something most of us like to do.
Please read all the way to the bottom.


The Navarre Bible presents The New Testament almost book by book.
I bought copies at a Catholic book store in the 1990s.
This book is solely The Gospel of Saint Mark.

Navarre presents verses in English and Latin followed by commentaries. The latter offer interesting historical details, explanations and theological principles. Click and enlarge the above to read what I mean.

An Historical Fact from  Navarre's book, Acts of The Apostles on page 77.
"....crucifixion, a form of capital punishment which originated in Persia; it was common throughout the East and was later adopted by the Romans."

I wrongly thought crucifixion was invented by The Roman Empire.

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An illumination of conscience? What's that?
Have you heard about people having a life review when dying?
Christine Watkins explains such experiences.
I know one of the people in her book    and    I believe him.
An illumination of conscience is a tremendous gift from God.
Ahead of time to get our attention --- sooner than later.


You might be Agnostic, Athiest, Christian, Jewish or belong to one of several thousand belief systems. Possibly you might be "turned off" due to grievances or by being too busy. You might think this is bunk. I get it. I'm sympathetic.

Here's the thing, I would not present my Easter Reading List for your consideration unless I thought it had value and merit. The late Charles Krauthammer said, "I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking."

The sentiment, "Do Not Be Afraid" appears in the Bible about 365 times.
So... ask "The Holy Spirit" for guidance even if you think asking is nonsense. Help will come. Be open to it.

Also see links titled Bill Recommends Now Is A Good Time in the upper left of this blog.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thanks For The Memories

From General Pettygree

Some may remember Bob Hope's theme song, Thanks For The Memory

Bill's version goes like this. 

Thanks for the memories,
For our many 2019 companionable games,
Good and dreadful dice
And chuckles when someone said,
You won or you lost.
How fun it was.

Thanks for the memories,
Listening to music CDs and Alexa's serenades,
Colorful little people on the table
In early, late or all-day games,
Plus puzzling and good rules
And games we hope to play.
How terrific it was.

We who could laugh over big things
Were occasionally parted by small things.
I wonder if we did the right thing.
Oh well, that's life I guess.

Thanks for the memory,
Of faults that you forgave and
For scenarios gone astray.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for the memory,
For shared collections and homes,
Of cats, dogs and grandchildren dropping by,
For compelling hopes and plans,
Understanding spouses,
Good chow and birthday cake.
How terrific it was.

Thanks for the memory
for skirmish, medium, BIG and Spectacle games.
Fun car rides to away games.
About miniatures we hope to use
And rules we've yet to try.
How compelling this was.

Very glad I know you,
See you in 2020, God willing.
Thank you for these memories.

Monday, December 23, 2019



Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dervish Swarm Sinclair's Square

Date: 25 September 1929/2019
Location: British Museum Site B, Near El Wil-Yam
Situation: Eleven Days After The Dervish Swarm Victory

Story: General Pettygree Studios
Homage: Alfred Hitchcock "Very Light"

Before reading Dervish Swarm Sinclair's Square you may want to sequentially read:
Dervish Swarm posted 15 September 2019
Dervish Swarm The Harbor posted 16 September 2019
Dervish Swarm Into The Interior posted 17 September 2019
Dervish Swarm and The Dispatch Rider posted 20 September 2019
Simply scroll down for them all.

25 SEPTEMBER 1929/2019
Piquet Outside The Square

"D'yah here that rustling by the stream Duncan?"

"Huh? --- No mate. --- Can't say I do."

" A malingerer you are. Wake up. I heard someth'n metallic too."     

"Insulting me again, Robert? --- And the answer is no."

"All right then. Keep a sharp eye if you can, with the sun com'n up now."

"I hope that dispatch rider the Colonel sent out brings a relief column."

"Uh --- It don't matter now mate --- cause...."

"Here come them Dervishes. --- We gotta warn the Colonel."


Colonel Sinclair's Square awaits the foe atop the mound at
The British Museum's Site B excavation.

The right-most enemy body began crossing a shallow creek
disordering them a mite while....

Another crossed the same creek just to the left.

Both deployed skirmishers firing ineffectually into the square.

Another face of the square contended with a third skirmisher force.

Covering massed swordsmen who eventually charged through to
the zareba protected by thorny bushes, sandbags and Seaforths.

The Highlanders encouraged by Colonel Sinclair repulsed them. 

While to the right massed sword and spearmen
rushed forward intending to scale the corner tower.

On the opposite corner, tribesmen
worked around a different zareba section.

But back on the right flank, orange-sashed natives we first saw
suddenly shifted away from the square facing a new direction. Why?

Because three days before, the dispatch rider though....

 Almost downed by a Dervish piquet arrived
at General Pettygree's headquarters up the Dongolo.

"Cavanaugh. Glad to see you. Not too grievously wounded I see.
What is your report?"

"Sir. Colonel Sinclair sends his compliments respectfully requesting that a relief column be dispatched to Site B. The Dervish, Sir, have us surrounded. He dared not risk a retreat overland given the odds and our many wounded."

"Well Sir, that's a fine situation. Get some food and sleep. And....
Are you well enough to lead the 9th back to Sinclair in three hours?"

"Yes, General."

"Very good. The rest of the Army will march at dawn."

The 9th Bengal Lancers arrived in the nick of time
led by Captains Dyce-Powers and Cavanaugh.

They immediately charged and routed the foe. 

Which fled and was cut down in the pursuit.

"Cavanaugh! That was the grandest charge since Waterloo!"

"Right you are Dyce."

After this the Dervish lost heart and abandoned the battlefield. General Pettygree arrived two days later and eventually withdrew the entire command up the Dongolo River relinquishing the region to the Dervish Empire.


Thus ends Dervish Swarm told by model soldiers in five episodes in quick succession for your enjoyment.

Next Things

Your remarks, if you please --- below.

Thank you.

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