Friday, July 22, 2016

The Day Before At Camp Dongala in 54mm

Date: 22 July 1898/2016
Location: Near Dongala, Sudan
Situation: Inspection
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Royal Marines  and the Naval Shore party await the appearance of General Pettygree.

A section of 42nd Highlanders, the Black Watch, anchor the flank of the battle line as General Pettygree and escort arrive. All seems well enough except for a fellow falling over from the extreme heat. This is to be expected in The Sudan.

Sailors of the Naval Brigade appear eager for a fight. "Well done men."

"Gunner Thorpe --- is your gun crew ready?" 
"Aye General. So is Lochinvar, the finest 7 pounder there ever was!" 

 Royal Marines make up the largest body of men in the brigade.

The inspection team passes through the line.

 "Good luck General."
"Thank you Winston."

"Opinion Waverleigh?"
"I like our chances tomorrow General."

"Especially since Archie Sinclair's lads and cavalry are in high spirits."
"And if I may say so General, in good order too.
"Let the men eat a hearty evening meal and get a good night's rest."


1) The Imperials are outnumbered 2:1 and the foe is determined with many fanatical warriors.

2) John B, Chuck L., Keith L., Jim H., Dan E., Morgan E, and yours truly Bill P. are due at the home of Der Alte Fritz (Jim P.) at 8:30am July 23, 2016 for this first 54mm tabletop game. Wish us luck will you?

3) See you all soon -- at the club.

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Michael Mathews said...

Bon chance, mes amis!

The Lieutenant said...

Good luck, General. Huzzah, and God save the Queen!


Curt Benson said...

Looks great. Have fun, guys.

Gary C. said...

Absolutely beautiful Bill. I wanted to do 54mm Spanish-American war. But the only figs I could find in that scale were of very poor quality.

nobby said...

Beautiful Figures, Sir.

tradgardmastare said...

Have a great day with good company, figures and hospitality!

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Have a great game.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Splendid chaps.
Looking forwards to a report on the upcoming events.
have a great days gaming.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

The affair will be as colorful as any Napoleonic encounter. Have fun!

Best Regards,


Ross Mac said...

Ahh the Pettygree touch! The men will be in good spirits now. Good luck to all brave toy soldiers on the morrow, regardless of their flag.

todd said...

And fine fellows they are! Ah, what adventures lay ahead.

Gary C. said...

Excellent! I love the silly smile on the Dervish Camels. It looks like they are about to say, I want a Clark bar.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I somehow missed this post. Those large toy soldiers really photograph well.