Monday, April 12, 2010

Chapter 33: Battle Commences

Date: 16 October 1899
Location: Two Miles From The Escarpment Camp
Situation: Imperial Battle Line Formed Eight Hours After The Sunrise Battle Of The 16th
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KHAN'S Left Flank: Safe and secure on a ridge above a shallow stream. Combatants crossing the stream will become disordered. Clever KHAN!

KHAN'S Center: What's this? Riflemen across the shallow stream benefiting from a reverse slope! The previous photo is off screen at the bottom of this image.

KHAN'S Right Flank: As the Red Sash Rifles mass on the right. They will cross in a moment. After they do....

The 1st Indian Mountain Battery fires at them in the distance (upper left) while the ancient 12 Pdr. nearby fires at the enemy center. The Seaforth Highlanders ready themselves.

The Red Sash Rifles continue forward using cover along the creek. Their purpose? A spoiling attack. (The 1st Indian Mountain Battery and Seaforths are off screen upper right.)

Imperial artillery continues fire into The Red Sash Rifles (off screen upper left). The 12 Pdr. shifts to fire into them as well. The rear of the Imperial left flank is guarded by the 10th Hussars.

We shift our viewpoint to the center. Note the 12 Pdr. in the upper left as your reference point. The 1st Sikh Battalion has marched forward in the Imperial Center.

And in a moment gives fire at The Red Sash Rifles with the two left-hand flank companies. Imperial artillery also continues to fire.

The Sikhs and Seaforths (bottom) press forward. The Red Sash Rifles fall under 50%, lose morale and rout back to the stream.

The Red Sash Rifles fall back behind the shallow stream and....

KHAN'S center has fallen back as well to conform and establish a new battle line.
Let's now turn our attention to the Imperial Right Flank, if you please where....

A bit earlier the 66th Berkshires formed square preceded by a screen of Bombay Miners and Sappers. To their right on a side table we find....

The 15 Pdr. Elephant battery screened by more Bombay Miners and Sappers and most of the 9th Bengal Lancers. The wing is commanded by Cavalry Brigadier Blackiston (binoculars).

Blackiston's wing moves forward and gives fire.

Blackiston's opponents open fire.

To Blackiston's left, the square presses forward.

Back in the Imperial Center, The Bombay Miners and Sappers attain the reverse slope of the ridge adjacent to the shallow stream and....

We turn back around concluding this episode from KHAN's perspective. In the foreground are the Bombay Miners and Sappers. Behind them the Berkshire square has crossed a ridge into the center of the battlefield whilst the 1st Sikhs (upper right) continue to fire. Return soon for the next installment.
Imperial Losses: (7)
1st Moutain Battery: 5 crew caused by murderous fire from The Red Sash Rifles.
Bombay Miners/Sappers: 2 caused by fire from the Tug left flank on the side table.
Tug Losses: (30 + one small smooth bore cannon)
Red Sash Rifles: 14 from Indian Mountain Battery, The Seaforths and Sikhs
Artillery: Gun destroyed and 9 crew caused by the ancient 12 Pdr.
Gray Sash Jezails: 2 caused by the 12 Pdr.
Green Sash Rifles: 5 caused by the 15 Pdr. Elephant Battery
1. The Imperials deployed for battle in full view by yours truly on 8 April 2010.
2. Chuck freely deployed the Tugs on 9 April 2010 starting Game Session #1.
3. Seven turns were played from 7:30pn to 09:50pm.
4. Session #2 is scheduled for 13 April 2010.
5. Come back soon forour exciting conclusion.
6. Remarks welcome below. Click on the word comments.


Howard Shirley said...

Excellent and exciting, as always!

My, that 12-pdr. crew are doing yeomen's work!

"'Ancient' they call it. Well, we'll show them the Old Lady still has fire in her belly, lads!"


johnpreece said...

Is it chapter 33 already?

Always a few moments of pure pleasure to follow the evenys unfolding.

A question if I may, are those wonderful elephants scratchbuilt or a comercial model?

How I wish I had saved that little bit harder from my pocket money and bought the Hinchliffe 20mm elephant battery.


Gallia said...

Thanks for looking in Howard and John.
For Howard: When the foe entered canister range, she bit them a bit more too.
For John: That Hinchliffe 20mm elephant battery is in my memory too. I looked for it, might have found it with the fellow before last selling Hinchliffe two years ago. I don't recall but in view of needing at least 25mm stuff I went elsewhere. However, I opted for Foundry elephants and Hinchliffe 15 Pdrs.