Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chapter 34: Khan's Counterattack!

Date: 16 October 1899
Location: Two Miles From The Escarpment Camp
Situation: Imperial Battle Line Formed Nine Hours After The Sunrise Battle Of The 16th
BTW: Images expand amazingly if clicked 1-2 times
In Chapter 33 The Imperial Army saw the Tugs forward of the stream remove themselves to the other side. In Chapter 34 below read about their shocking counterattacks.

The Imperial Left Flank

Seaforth Highlanders guard the Imperial Left Flank supported by Lt. Gill's Troop of 9th Bengal Lancers. Lt. Col Archibald Sinclair, " Laddies! They're com'n ag'in. BATTALION MAKE READY!"
Sixty Red Sash Swordsmen cross the stream, pause to reorganize and move toward the Imperials.

They were unstoppable. (Hard to stop a unit of 60) They crashed into the Scots. Turbulent hand-to-hand combat ensued. The Scots lost more men, were shoved back six inches but held morale. In the next turn....

A second round of melee was fought. Lt. Gill worked around onto a flank with his lancers whilst previously unengaged Seaforths closed open gaps in the line. The foe lost heavily and routed. Seeing his moment....

Lt. Gill threw 1D6 to pursue. He pursued! But at what speed Gill? He threw 1D6 and was able to gallop. He therefore contacted the fleeing swordsmen - enough to remove them from the game.

Afterwards Sinclair ordered everyone to retire. He had a good reason. For that story we fly from The Imperial Left Flank crossing The Main Table to a side table whereupon was The Imperial Right Flank.

The Imperial Right Flank

Here Brigadier Blackiston commanded most of The 9th Bengal Lancers, a two-gun 15 Pdr. Elephant Battery with a guard of Bombay Miners and Sappers. Their immediate foe previously withdrew behind a hill because of grueling fire from the aforementioned guns. But now....

The foe reappeared, descended the hill and started crossing the stream. Face those guns properly, will you! Here they come!


The foe continues forward. Blackiston ordered the guns to retire and continue to fire.

Blackiston orders the guns back even more. They've now retired and fired twice. The foe's numbers are enormous. It's KHAN's major counterattack! There is only one thing to do.

Blackiston: "Col. Lawford. You must charge the enemy. If they get 'round us, it will be...."
Lawford: "Aye Blacky. --- LANCERS! --- Forward at the TROT!"
Blackiston: "I will join you James."
Lawford: "Our honour Sir!."
Blackiston's ADC Forsythe: "I'm in as well."

What Blackiston and Lawford do not know, you, the Tugs and their Allies do know. Go back to the prior image. At the top left you will see an Imperial Relief Column arriving. Above is a close-up. Will they arrive in time to matter. For now they do not matter because....

The lancers charge home and....

Lose! Lose?! Yes lose!  --- The lancers are forced back, Lawford is lost, survivors somehow make morale and choose to abandon the field to reform farther back.

Leaving the enemy far behind. This saved the survivors for later eventualities. But....

The foe reorganized and turned right. Why? To cross to the Main Table to attack General Pettygree's Main Body in the flank. Clever KHAN! Will it be curtains for The Imperials? Will KHAN triumph? Return soon to read and see the exciting and desperate conclusion.
Closing Remarks:
1.  Chuck's (KHAN) counterattack was well done and quite a shock.
2.  Unbeknownst to anyone General Pettygree's plan called for a surprise flanking force to assist in the destruction of The Tug Army. Like Crassus waiting for Pompey in the final battle with the slave army of Spartacus, Pettygree hoped to end the campaign before the century ended.
3. Your remarks are very welcome below at the word Comments.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Tut tut my dear general. Remember, the Queen does not like to hear two pieces of bad news in one day. Did Lawson perish in the cavalry attack (bad news #1) and what will happen to the Seaforths?

Donogh said...

Those Red Sashes did look dangerous, but good old Lt. Gill saw them off!
A dangerous time for the expedition...

Bluebear Jeff said...

What rules are you using on the table top, sir?

Photos are wonderful, as usual, of course.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I see the General is following my brilliant plan to draw out the Khan's forces and lure them to their final destruction! Too bad about Lawson, though, Hard Cheese indeed. Well, have at them lads, lead, steel and the lance, I say.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Great action! Good point to pause in the narrative, too, with the issue hanging on a knife-edge. I'm looking forward to the next exciting instalment of the Campaigns of Genl. Wm Augustus...

Gallia said...

Thank you Sirs!,
Remarks are always appreciated and help one press on to do more.
Der Alte:
Re Lawford, he and all casualties are in wargame hospital. Dice will be thrown later for results; recovery, remaining wounded and so forth. The Seaforths have wounded back at Fort Grant who are recovered and guarding the fort.
The Red Sashes are a very large lot. 60 swordsmen, 60 riflemen and something like 48 horsemen. Indeed the swordsmen depicted here were formidable. The whole force includes miniatures of multiple manufacturers spanning 25-33mm in height.
The rules are a variant of the BAR system.
Yes indeed! Plus Pettygree is a reader of the battles of antiquity. Hence the reference to Crassus and Pompey. Umm, no he watched the motion picture Spartacus the last summer!
Your Excellency Archduke,
A knife edge is true. What is coming next is more so. Desperate would be a good word - for both sides too.
The battle was fought in three sessions. Chuck and I hoped to conclude in two. Each time we suspended action, the delay created that sort of game tension that ought to exist in Colonial games. For me I don't know if the first or second suspension was worse but you will see soon enough Gentlemen as I remain,
Respectfully yours,

Kenneth Van Pelt said...

Beautiful campaign and story.


Cliking images twice is like wargame porno.

Larry Stehle said...

Ahh..The Red Shashes strike but fail! Curse you Lt. Gill! :)

I had hoped Lawford was taken prisoner (of course to be rescued!) I await his fate....as well as what the Fates have for the Seaforths!

Love the photos as well!

miltiadis said...

amazing photos! the perfect colonial wargaming.