Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Între Acte {C} Let's Talk

Whilst readers await the resumption of Major General Pettygree's future, please enjoy a few of my favorite images above going back from 2013 to 2009. Let's talk a bit too.

January 2013 To Now:
The discombobulation of a painting funk descended upon me in January 2013 lasting until recently - I think? Co-mingling with this slow down, I was happily engaged in Seven Year's War gaming activities, Blitzkrieg Commander II North African desert games, gearing up for commencement of a Peninsular Campaign in 1809, rules writing and singularly fun weeknight games of various genres. All good, but it was difficult to get much painted.

The Next Five Months:
1) Resume Gen. Pettygree's Future. It's 1903, the Empire is in trouble and so is....
2) The Iberian Campaign has come to life with stories, AARs and several fun games.
3) Commence a brand new story line in the Southwest Pacific in the late 1930s.
4) Miniatures and what not need my immediate attention for all the above.
5) And there is the BIG Sudan game approaching on 14 September with a cast of gillions.

One more thing. I am moderating comments only because a Mr. Anonymous has voluminously spammed this blog but he won't get even one posted as long as I'm in the saddle. Poor chap wasting his life with General Pettygree.

Be patient and kindly do post your welcome remarks below, if you please.