Monday, March 23, 2020

Bill's Reading List


Easter Sunday: April 12, 2020
It is Christianity's most important celebration.
The five weeks beforehand is The Season of Lent.
Lent's purpose: Enhance personal faith and one's relationship with God.

There are many ways to do this.
One is by reading/studying.   Something most of us like to do.
Please read all the way to the bottom.


The Navarre Bible presents The New Testament almost book by book.
I bought copies at a Catholic book store in the 1990s.
This book is solely The Gospel of Saint Mark.

Navarre presents verses in English and Latin followed by commentaries. The latter offer interesting historical details, explanations and theological principles. Click and enlarge the above to read what I mean.

An Historical Fact from  Navarre's book, Acts of The Apostles on page 77.
"....crucifixion, a form of capital punishment which originated in Persia; it was common throughout the East and was later adopted by the Romans."

I wrongly thought crucifixion was invented by The Roman Empire.

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An illumination of conscience? What's that?
Have you heard about people having a life review when dying?
Christine Watkins explains such experiences.
I know one of the people in her book    and    I believe him.
An illumination of conscience is a tremendous gift from God.
Ahead of time to get our attention --- sooner than later.


You might be Agnostic, Athiest, Christian, Jewish or belong to one of several thousand belief systems. Possibly you might be "turned off" due to grievances or by being too busy. You might think this is bunk. I get it. I'm sympathetic.

Here's the thing, I would not present my Easter Reading List for your consideration unless I thought it had value and merit. The late Charles Krauthammer said, "I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking."

The sentiment, "Do Not Be Afraid" appears in the Bible about 365 times.
So... ask "The Holy Spirit" for guidance even if you think asking is nonsense. Help will come. Be open to it.

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Happy Easter Everyone!

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