Sunday, May 10, 2020

Next Game Percolations With Photos

Next Games

Historical Miniatures Games
Given planetary "social distancing" all pards are only dreaming of possibilities for next games to move miniatures and throw dice together. My list of percolations, God willing, includes:

Annual BIG Colonial Game (August or September?)
Sudan: Collections of Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz) and myself; 54-60mm.
Scenario: Imagineered by Der Alte Fritz.
Gunboats, forts, villages, native watercraft, suitable terrain items and loads of miniatures.

Above are my 54mm Hadendowah sword and spear warriors from Armies in Plastic assembling for the game. There will be three bands of forty men each.  I'm almost done. Skirmishers are mostly John Jenkins Design metal pre-painted miniatures. Flags are from Flag Dude who is now retired.

Northwest Frontier (Date = ?)
General Pettygree vs his despicably evil nemesis, Ragnar Khan; 28mm.

Ragnar Khan (yellow coat) in procession atop an elephant just to the right of the middle in the image. Click on the photo to make it larger.

Breach In Time Inspired by Jim Getz (September-October?)
Military units have been suddenly transported out of battles over the centuries to Jim's fictional "Pangeastan" forming two armies; Blue and Red. In our case units will be from the time period 1600-1899; 28mm. (No automatic weapons though)

Battle of Midway Adaptation (Postponed from June into the Fall)
1/285 aircraft vs 1/2400 ships.

To give you an idea of scale:

The above is from our 12/07/2019 Coral Sea adaptation. That's GHQ's Lexington above.

USN Torpedo bombers from Lady Lex.

New Guinea Campaign
Japanese advance up the Kokoda Trail; 28mm. (Ongoing Fall into 2021)
These will be combinations of 2.5 hour games after work weeknights and an occasional Saturday morning into afternoon game.

This was from one of our Milne Bay, New Guinea games earlier this year.

Mortain 1944 (Date: Winter?)
The last German counterattack in Normandy, France; 28mm.

Two Mk IIIs from the collection of John B. readying for the game.

Otherwise These Are Also Paused

Brace Up! Chapter 3: Back To The Bridge.
A Gen. Pettygree Short Story in three chapters via a 28mm solo game.
See the first two chapters here:

Rob O. is umping a 28mm Ancient's Campaign.
Greg B. is planning a Tobruk 10mm game.
Dave G. has a WWII game on hold.
Nick K. has a WWII destroyer action in planning.
Kurt D's, Mike F.'s and Lewis S.'s "Tin Eagles"; 30mm Napoleonic flats.
Get my 18mm AB Napoleonic Russians into a game. It's been 10+ years.
I've probably forgotten something.

Yes boardgames. I've gone back to my gaming roots playing:

Pacific Battles: The Rising Sun by Decision Games. Three campaigns are offered, Bataan, Guadalcanal and The Fall of Singapore. The later is actually the entire 1941-42 campaign in Malaya. I played it twice solo holding onto Singapore in the first game and losing it in the second. Interesting.

Afrika Korps: Avalon Hill's celebrated classic. Greg B. and I are playing this by email, photographs and video.  We played this many times as teenagers though not against each other.

Frankly I've been in a painting funk. It is so much easier for me to paint when games are locked on the calendar. There are none presently. So Bob B. and I started up another Friendly Painting Challenge for regional pards for the month of May. I am finally underway with....

Fifteen Armies in Plastic Hadendowah.

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Collectively we've got a lot to look forward too.
How about you?
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