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Chapter 5


“There they go Davey."

"Aye Mate, the 66th Foot, on their next campaign.”

“Colonel Blackeny, Sir! Welcome to Bombay.”

“Much obliged Governor Catherwood. Delighted to be here.”

“Good luck to you and confusion to that madman up the Khyber. We are counting on you and General Pettygree to safeguard my new posting in Delhi.”

“That we plan to do Governor."

“Your old friends, General Pettygree, the Berkshires.”

"You have the right of it Lieutenant Grandmaison. They represent our final and vital reinforcement for the campaign ahead of us in The Punjab, Fort Albert and The Pass.”


“Idleness, indolence and infernal waiting is our fate. At least we have this unfinished Officer’s Mess Hall for relief.”

"Findlay is vexed by inaction, as we all are, General Pettygree.” 

“That’s what I like to hear from my cavalry officers, Major Hart. Keep’s them sharp and eager for the time to ride. I admit to being a bit disappointed the enemy has remained ensconced in his mountains to the northwest this long. Finishing the job once and for all to remove our nemesis is paramount. However, it requires patience and cunning if our plan of campaign is to succeed.”

“General, Captain Pritchard just walked in. By his dusty appearance he looks to have ridden in from the piquet line. Possibly he brings the news we all desire,” said Hart hopefully.

“Captain Pritchard. What news do you have? Report.”

“The best General. Ragnar Khan is approaching The Pass in force. Our piquets and spies estimate his horde at 25,000 to 30,000 warriors. The baggage train of camels, carts, donkeys and handlers is considerable as well.”

“25,000 or so you say? That is prodigious for a mountain Khan. He must have secured an alliance of disparate tribes for two hundred miles in all directions. Anything else, Captain?”

“Two things. The first is, the piquet line and garrisons are falling back providing the intentional spectacle of disorder and haste into Fort Albert as you ordered.”

“The second?” inquired Pettygree.

“One of our observers caught sight of a curious force clad in white.”

“Surely that is Ragnar Khan’s malevolent Household Guard consisting of infantry, horsemen and ancient artillery,” said the General.

"Aye General, that's what we believe."

“Up to 30,000 fiery warriors,” remarked Governor Catherwood.

“Yes that's what Pritchard said. Our plan to hold the Frontier weakly falling back when pressed has enticed Ragnar Khan out of his lair and protective mountains. Let’s gather around and talk,” ordered Pettygree.

“Our leger de main appears to be working. Ragnar Khan is on the march. He will soon be in open country where he can not use the mountains for devilish hit and run tactics and secretive cover. Fort Albert blocks his march and must be attacked first before he moves farther south. Your orders are unchanged for the time being,” said Pettygree.  

“Colonel Sinclair, are the Seaforths ready to entrain for Rawalpindi?"

"Aye General, my laddies have been ready awaiting your orders. May I respectfully say they have been cross and intemperate being the last to leave Delhi for The Frontier. They did nah like it much when Blakeney's 66th Foot headed north before 'em." 

"The same may be said about the half of the 10th Hussars still on station here," remarked Major Hart.

“Gentlemen as you knew, we had to give an impression of weakness and dithering before dealing the knock-out punch. It is vital to remember what is at stake. I believe you wish to say what that is, Governor Catherwood.”

“Our sources say Ragnar Khan means to exterminate us and afterwards subjugate the entire Indian sub-continent and beyond. He may also have nefarious powerful allies we have yet to identify,” warned Catherwood."

"Gentlemen. God's speed and confusion to the enemy!"

1. Previous chapters in sequence:
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Chapter 2: Half A League to the Fort

Chapter 3: Fort Albert

Chapter 4: Ragnar Khan 

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Chapter 4
Ragnar Khan

Ragnar Khan

"Silence! --- SILENCE!," demanded The Guru. "His Supreme Excellency, The Ragnar Khan will speak wisdom to you."

"Household Guardsmen! The time we have waited for is imminent. General Pettygree’s Imperialist Army plans to visit us. His advance units are even now at Fort Albert while more regiments have disembarked in Bombay Harbour. However, we will not wait for them here in our mountain stronghold. Instead, we will move south through the Pass vanishing within the ancient Secret Cavern exiting onto the plain below to destroy them all forever." 

A tumultuous roar of approbation arose.

"Our Army is assembling as I speak. Indeed, an ally approaches whom I must now greet. So for a brief time I must leave you. Meanwhile, you my Guards, must prepare spiritually, physically and materially to repel the vile trespassers. Be my extreme example of bravery and skill. Our cause is righteous. When I call upon you to crush them, be ready!”

Loud affirmations, praise, oaths and bloodthirsty epithets arose from the multitude.


"Take me to my Fortress Tower."

Silently to himself Ragnar Khan said, "My allies approach."

Continuing interiorly, "Now the third player, 
Villainovich, arrives for The Great Game between Pettygree and I. His contingent is smaller than agreed upon though. Is this minimalism or duplicity? Disappointment ignites within my heart. However, we shall see.”

"Husband, I sense malevolence."

“Steady my dear. For the moment we are all cherished friends.”

“Da, Antonovich but he exudes a….”

“Distinguished yet frightful bearing," whispered the Countess.

“Not now dear one. Not now.”

“Count Colonel Villainovich and Countess Vanya Elizaveta! Welcome to Vandahar Palace. I beg you to accept my humble hospitality. Please enter for a poor if hopefully tolerable refreshment and rest. Tomorrow evening a banquet with entertainments will be held in your honour.”

“We are grateful for your infinite kindness Ragnar Khan,” said Count Villainovich.

Ragnar Khan's Entertainment The Next Day

“Ragnar Khan, we gratefully thank you for that prodigious feast,” said the Count.

"You honoured me indeed. I am unable to offer more than simple fare in these mountains. Yet the mature buzzard eggs and goat's eyes are unique delicacies we proudly offer on special occasions such as this one."

"The vodka accompaniment made them ed...., ah, especially tasteful."

"Thank you. Next, would you please accompany me to the promised entertainment?”

“Welcome to my arena." 

"It's poor resemblance to those of ancient Rome is pitiable, but they did not have Valsun.”

“Valsun, your Excellency?,” asked Countess Vanya Elizaveta.”

“Yes, a very rare creature acquired from the Chinese Emperor. You will see her in a few minutes. An amazing acquisition, I assure you. We call her Val.”

 “Husband look.”

“What is the meaning of this? Is that woman Val?”

“Not at all Countess. She is a criminal found guilty of the high crime of betrayal; treason, if you will. She is therefore an unpardonable unbeliever in my just and holy cause.”

"What is her crime, if I may inquire?"

"Nonconformity of thought leading to forbidden speech opposing our beliefs. Our code of laws demand that intolerant speech traitors be executed by being torn asunder. Unity of thought, belief and behavior is our strength. Conformity is essential."

"May I present, the Chinese dragon, Valsun? Lovely and remarkable isn’t she?”


“Your Excellency. Would you be so kind as to excuse me from this sport? The high mountain air is suppressing my breath. The only remedy is to take to my bed. Please accept my sincere and distressed apology.”

“Yes of course Countess. I am to blame for not suggesting more rest to acclimate you to our thin high mountain air. By all means retire. Tomorrow will surely see you restored."

Piteous screams and shrieks soon came from the arena as the dragon approached, tore the prisoner apart and then ate the red-haired young woman piece by piece. Finally only the spectator's barbaric tumultuous roaring, laughter and cheering were heard as the woman's intolerable thoughts were forever silenced.

1. Previous chapters in sequence:
Chapter 1: At The Gallop

Chapter 2: Half A League to the Fort

Chapter 3: Fort Albert

2. Chapter 5: The Blood Moon is in production. The anticipated release date is early December 2022. 

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Chapter 3
Fort Albert

Previously 1/10 Hussars en-route to Fort Albert were shockingly pursued at the gallop by Ragnar Khan's horsemen. Only the unexpected intervention of Imperial forces very recently arrived at the abandoned base turned the foe away. All is well.

Here we observe a rearguard section of the 27th Bombay Miners and Sappers screening the just arrived Hussars from the chase by Ragnar Khan's cavalry.

"Whenever you're ready Captain Bartlett, we can process into Fort Albert."

"We're formed and ready Captain Caddy."

"1st Troop --- Attention! --- Column of twos, by the right wheel --- Bugler Land --- Play Gary Owen! --- March!"

"Quite proper we should lead the troop in Trooper Corey."

"Naturally, Trooper Ham."

"Gupta too, Sahibs!

"Bark, bark, bark," excitedly sounded Jack.

"Look smart you Miners and Sappers or I'll know why," ordered Lt. Edson.

Four Days Later

"This way Sabs'. Gupta will show what needs repair.

"Trooper Ham. Remember the prodigious blast from the tower when we arrived?"

"I do indeed, Trooper Corey. Did the Lion Cannon cause this Gupta?"

"No Sabs'. It was like this before."

"I'll bet a month's pay Ragner Khan did this months ago," commented Ham. 

"Look what else he did," said Gupta.

"My, my," said Corey.

"Half of the north wall has been razed," observed Ham.

"What's Sergeant Wilcoxin saying?," inquired Corey.

"Captain Caddy, Sir, this raffle needs some dyneemight to clear away the area before we can effect repair of the wall. Pickaxes and shovels just can't do the job fast enough with Ragnar Khan expected. Plus, as you see, Sir, the work party is indolent. Explosions will cheer the men immensely."

Clearing his throat, "Hmm. A full or half stick then, Sergeant?"

"Well Sir, a might less I'm think'n. Spread out. Otherwise we might bring down the whole north face."

"Caddy, I don't like Wilcoxin's plan. You're the engineer though. What will it be?"

"Aye Captain Bartlett. Alright Sergeant. A three quarter stick broken in parts spread out in the rubble. When can you be ready to light the fuses?"

"In one hour, Sah! Maybe less."

"Carry on Sergeant. The garrison will evacuate to the west of the tower just in case. Lookouts! Anything in sight?" 

"Nothing Sir to the north. No enemy in sight."

"Tower reporting Sir. Nothing in sight from the south. However, a heliograph report from the west says the 1st Sikh Regiment will arrive in one day."

"You heard that Officer of Engineers, said Corey.

"Yes. Let's go down an' stroll to the west outside the fort to watch the show," said Ham.

"Gupta, too!"

One Hour Later

"Any time now, remarked Captain Caddy RE."

Elsewhere Hidden By Cover

"The wretched Imperials are finishing our work at the north wall."

"We must immediately report this gift to Ragnar Khan!"

"By the pathway through the secret cavern. Let's ride!"


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2. Chapter 4, Ragnar Khan will be posted near October 29, 2022. We look forward to seeing you return for this next exciting installment of Empire of Wrath.

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