Thursday, June 7, 2018

Gen. Pettygree Is Writing A Book


"Excuse me General Pettygree. Your readers are here."

"Very well Mr. Barnes. "I’ll speak with them now."

"Thank you for seeing me. I appreciate it. Many of you have followed my singular career in the Nile Delta, Sudan, Northwest Frontier and Britain on my blog; Campaigns of General  William Augustus Pettygree."  

"In most stories I was a soldier serving Queen Victoria." 

"However, there are other fascinating adventures of rugged men, strong women and dark foes whom you do not yet know which need telling. Their unique experiences in astonishing places woven within desperate circumstances and new eras compel me to present them to you."

"That’s what I'll be doing next at greater length than possible here. Only a short story book format can do this. As my chronicler Bill Protz did in almost one hundred blog stories, we’ll advance new tales by briefly captioned photographs. The difference will be much greater depth of story and characters."

"Excuse me William. Dreadfully sorry. We need to be at Lord Basingstoke’s before seven for dinner."

"Quite right Mary, my darling. I'll finish in a moment." 

"Bill and I estimate Book #1 will be available between January and July 2019. Meanwhile, here is a teaser as the motion picture people call it." 

      The 1929 Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane’s Wright Whirlwind 300hp engine was useless, on fire and the propeller was frozen in place. Speaking silently to herself, “Trees ahead. Pull the wheel back a little. Respond damn you! Up a smidgen. Yes. Bravo my wounded girl.”

      The aircraft jerked as the undercarriage clipped treetops along the eastern coastal ridge. Bearing 225˚ an undulating field beckoned her down. It was so very small though and the far edge was bordered by more trees. But, it was all the aviatrix had as she descended. 

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(1) Does this mean my blog stories will cease? No.

(2) There is much to sort out with self-publishing and distribution.

(3) Wish us luck will you?

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