Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mary and General Pettygree On Expedition
Chapter 2 of 2 --- The End

Date: Late 1930s
Location: Ruins of Gortyn, Island of Crete
Circumstances: Search For the "Mythological" Labyrinth

See Chapter 1 posted July 15, 2021 here:

When investigating the labyrinth entrance
at Gortyn on the Island of Crete
"Mary, on my mark fire two rounds into each of those undead skeletons. I'll put four into the beasty. Then run back to the horses and we'll gallop back to the ship."

"What are you waiting for?!"

"Ready, aim, FIRE!"

"What of Professor Basingstoke and his benefactor Sir Allan Catherwood?

"Dead surely, in the explosion. Now we must ride for our lives, Mary."

"More have been aroused. What the deuce have we awakened from hell?"

"At the gallop dear. --- Heeyahh!" 
"They are pursuing us. Nimble damnations they are. Don't look back Mary!"

"Yes dear. Onward to the safety of the ship. I see furious activity on deck, smoke starting from the stack and sailors going ashore at the double. The ship's horn is sounding."

And from behind....

"This way my dear."

"Right you are William. I see our rescuers."

"General, Lady Pettygree. Ride straight through to the ship. We'll see off that lot. "

"Thank you Lieutenant. Melville, isn't it?"

"Aye General. Off you go now Sir, if you please. --- Shore party, Load!"


"Steady. --- Let 'em come a mite closer."




"Damnation. They broke through. Not a shot at point blank range dropped any of 'em!"

Back to the ship!

"Captain Braithwaite. Can you get underway, now?"

"The boilers are fired General. It will take a few minutes."

"No time then. We must make a stand here."

"Bob and Tiny. Stand to. Help Lady Pettygree aboard."

"Aye, Captink."

"Thank you Captain. Ouch! Thank you, Mr. Tiny."

"Beg'n yur pard'n, Mum."

"Up you go, m' Lady."

"Ship's Crew. Make every shot count! --- Stern battery!"


"Here the devils come lads."

Martini Henrys, revolvers, Thompson sub-machine guns, 1903 American Springfield rifles, shotguns, Mary's Luger and more poured lethal fire into the advancing horde. Parts and pieces flew off of the monsters.

"Mary, my dear."

"Yes, I know."

"Hey Mate. They're com'n aboard. Back up."

"Keep firing or we'll have to give 'em hand to hand or swim for it."

"Aim for the eyes, Mary."


"Alright then, you infernal hideous demon."
"It's my sail knife you'll be feel'n. Not talk'n, eh?"


"Time to abandon ship. Everyone, into the water."

"Nothing stops them William."

"We're both out of ammunition."

"Just ignore it my love and look at me."

"Shouldn't we jump into the water?"

"No good Mary. Denizens are surfacing there attacking the sailors who did jump." 

"We'll be home soon."

----------          ----------          ----------


"Letter for you, Sir."

"Mrs. Gaytheringdust. Is Mrs. Pettygree ready for breakfast?"

"Yes Sir. Coming down now --- an' lovely as always."

"Mary. The post arrived with an extraordinary opportunity." 

"I'll be down in a flash. From whom?"

"It's from my old friend, Professor Basingstoke. He finally secured partial funding to continue his excavation from Sir Allan Catherwood. He wants us to join them because of our keen interest in antiquity."

"And surely for you to publish a story as well. Where dear?"

"The ruins at Gortyn on the Island of Crete. He believes recent clues strongly point to the hitherto thought mythological underground Labyrinth, the lair of the Minotaur. Would you consider going?"

"A profoundly disturbing dream vexed my sleep last night. Do you believe in premonitions, William?"

----------          ----------          ----------


1. Mythologicals gathered and painted by Chuck L. (The Lucky). Ruins are mostly from pet retailer aquarium departments. The sailors are Perry Sudan 28mms. The ship was artistically scratch-built by the late Richard Houston. Civilian ship's crew are from the evocative range sculpted by Bob Murch, Pulp Figures.

2. Thank you sincerely for looking in. 

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