Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas Everyone


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Case For Tundra Con

Date: Saturday 5 January 2019
Venue: American Legion Hall, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Situation: Companionable and Fun Wargame Day

"I think we need a rest; a pleasant diversion from chasing about after Professor Moriarty all these months.  What do you say Holmes?"

"My dear Dr. Watson.... Yeeeesss, for once you have something there."

"Moments ago I was speaking with the military men behind us about a singular activity; The Tundra Con Wargame day. Here is the advertisement shown to me."

"It offers recuperation with elegant miniatures and battle problems. I suggest we join them en-route."

"Its elementary. A little active rest, entertainment in the form of tactical problems produced by clever games, superior cuisine we shall no doubt find and the opportunity to be with similar minded people will be just the thing. For one day mind you, Watson. Afterwards we resume the chase."

"There is not a moment to lose my dear fellow. We'll hire a coach to take us to Appleton. Meanwhile, I wish to learn more about this event from the military people with whom you spoke."

"Gentlemen. I beg your pardon.
Tell us more about Tundra Con, if you please."

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