Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chapter 6: The Telegraph Line

Read chapters sequentially. 1-5 and afterwards 6. Click on photographs to enlarge them.

General Pettygree's relief column continues its march from Fort Grant to Tranjapour. The most forward unit is 1st Troop 1/9th. Bengal Lancers acting as a screen. They are followed in turn by 2nd. Troop 1/9th Bengal Lancers, two troops of 2/9th Bengal Lancers, three companies of the 1st. Sikh Infantry Battalion, 1/1 Mountain Battery and the supply element. The vedette has entered the area of forest you see below.

#79 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. The next day 1st. Troop 1/9th Bengal Lancers scouts the road to Tranjapour. They follow the telegraph line from Fort Grant. The rest of the squadron is just to the rear (not shown) followed by "The Relief Column" commanded by General Pettygree.

#80 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. The vedette screen continues forward along the road and telegraph line. Fortunately this morning's telegraph from Tranjapour revealed the Tugs had not arrived there yet placing them even farther from us here. Tranjapour is still a day's march away from where we are. Therefore, no trouble is expected by the 9th Bengal Lancers. All is quiet --- and all is well.

#81 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. ---------- KahBOOOOM!!!!! ---------- "Vedette HALT!"

#82 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. Smoke rises from an explosion as a telegraph pole falls.

#83 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. The near pole continues to fall and the next in line topples too. The lancers move to cover.

#84 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. "To the rear, at the GALLOP!" The vedette commander has decided to ride back to his support, the rest of the squadron.

#85 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. Smoke from the explosion rises and dissipates as the lancers ride back to friends whilst an unseen and cunning foe cheers.

#86 The Telegraph Line
17 September 1898/2008. Later first troop dismounted, formed a skirmish line and moved forward. One lancer fired his carbine at movement in the forest. Was it the foe? Second troop remains mounted to the rear in support. Just beyond the far trees are the 2/9th Bengal Lancers and "The Relief Column" pounding up the road.

#87 The Telegraph Line
17 Sept. 1898/2008. Dismounted lancers continue their work but the foe has cut communication to Tranjapour and "The Relief Column" has slowed to clear the way there. Will General Pettygree arrive at Tranjapour in time? Will the defenders hold out? ---------- Dismounted soldiers are Old Glory 25mms. Mounted lancers are Peter Gilder 28mm Connoisseur Miniatures, officer with binoculars is 25mm Hinchliffe and telegraph poles are Berkshire Valley O Gauge model railroad telephone poles.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Once again these photos look great. They remind me of the old Viewmaster 3-D images.

Really top-notch, sir!

-- Jeff

Donogh said...

Great stuff (as always)
Though I must protest: this post doesn't in any way ease my concern over the garrison at Tranjapour!

tradgardmastare said...

It just gets better and better! I do know what Jeff means re Viewmaster - gosh I haven't thought about them for years and years!
Absolutely fabulous work,sir!

Brent said...

Hi Bill, good story.
Deploy the boys and find out what's about. Hopefully that won't hurt too bad, but we must advance!
I just noticed the rolling credits. Very creative. 'Till the next chapter,

Anonymous said...

Smashing! I am on the edge of my seat until the next installment.

Gallia said...

I have the prodigious honor to thank you for your very kind remarks. These are always appreciated. Feedback is desired.
Jeff and Alan,
Yes, I remember "Viewmaster" and agree.
Donogh, Brent and Patrick S.,
I confess to anxiety about the defenders of Tranjapour myself. The time is coming for the battle.
Kind regards to all,

Paul O'G said...

Brilliant - well done indeed Sir. The Claret and cigars are on me old Boy.

yours in a white wine sauce!

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Not a fan of miniatures, not particularly a fan of British esp this period.

But I am a fan of rocking good time which is what this blog is.

I probably should say "jolly good show" or something but I'm gonna stick with being a crass American and instead say

Totally Awesome!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Excellent stuff. I have been reading it for months now.

In regards to this chapter, I am especially intrigued/impressed by the telegraph poles. I will have to make some very soon.

Again, great story, fun battles. What else can you ask for?

Gallia said...

For Tas, Njharmon and J. Womack
Thank you. Your remarks are appreciated very much indeed.
Tas, I believe I will have a glass of claret now.
For NJ, yes my intent is to tell a story in what I believe is a new genre.
For J. Womack the telegraph poles are model railroad telephone poles from Berkshire Valley - O Guage. However, you are quite right. They can be built easily enough but for the whatchamacallits on top of the crossbars.