Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chapter 8: Back To Fort Grant

Read chapters sequentially. 1-7 and afterwards 8. Click on photographs to enlarge them.

#109 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: The Battle of Tranjapour was sixteen days ago and the "Frontier" has been quiet since then. Winter is coming soon. Therefore, all Imperial units have been ordered back to Fort Grant. However, someone is always watching, this time from a long distance away.

#110 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: The 10th Hussars march on the left of the Column. First squadron leads the second.

#111 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: The "Main Body" is screened by the 9th Bengal Lancers.

#112 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: Close-up view of the lancers.

#113 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: The "Column" stretches out in the distance.

#114 Back To Fort Grant
3 October 1898/2008: The 1st Sikhs march in the center.

#115 Back To Fort Grant
1 January 1899/2009: The "Column" arrived back at Fort Grant without incident. Wounded recovered, reports were sent back to Britannia and the foe has been silent. Some say they vanished. Be that as it may, it is now the New Year. Fort Grant officers not on duty gather for a brief meeting to be followed by a banquet.

#116 Back To Fort Grant
1 January 1899/2009: Major Trevelyan (10th Hussars) welcomes General Pettygree. Behind the General is Captain Bartlett (1/10th Hussars) listening to Lt. Col. Preece (10th. Hussars). Far to the left is Captain Sachs (2/10th Hussars). Dr. Watson is left-most and unfortunately blurry.

#117 Back To Fort Grant
1 January 1899/2009: The map of India.

#118 Back To Fort Grant
1 January 1899/2009: Gentlemen, please be seated.

Campaign Casualties:
1st. Sikhs: 2 KIA, 1 Invalided to Bombay, 10 Recovered Wounded
10th Hussars: 1 KIA, 4 Recovered Wounded


Der Alte Fritz said...

Wow,what an awesome interior shot. Where did you acquire the furniture. The Queen Victoria "portrait" is probably from a bottle of Bombay Gin, yes?

tradgardmastare said...

A Happy New Year to you Sir! I love the the interior of Fort Grant in particular...
I have given this link to a friend who loves colonial period history in order to inspire him to gaming the period.
I look forward to lots more of this in 2009.
best wishes

Bluebear Jeff said...

The outdoor shots were spectacular . . . but the indoor scenes take the prize. The map, furniture, window and portrait of the Queen . . . wonderful!

-- Jeff

Andy McMaster said...

Really nice shots. Been following these for a while. Interior shots are excellent! Very well done, sir!

Brent said...

Here here -- excellent interior shots. They stand up well to close examination! Lots of excellent detail.

I'm curious about this Dr. Watson fellow. Is he better known from a later relationship, or have I missed something?

Gallia said...

Thank you Gentlemen,
Your kind and enthusiastic remarks are sincerely appreciated.
For Jim:
Miniature Building Authority sells the bar and barkeeper.
Scenic Express sells:
EX1452 Living Room
EX1455 Bedroom Set
EX1219 Kitchen Set
Each sells for $3.98 USA
HRH Queen Victoria is indeed from a bottle of Bombay Dry Gin. I could not remove the label so I reproduced the image with a color copier for the best image and paper.
The main table was scratch-built from thin basswood. Coloration was provided by water-based brown of some kind.
Hi Brent,
Dr. Watson is the particular friend of that singular detective Sherlock Holmes.
Kind regards to all,

ColCampbell50 said...


The entire series was magnificent, especially as our wargaming group's theme for 2009 is Colonial Adventuring. We'll begin tomorrow (Saturday) with a campaign in the Soudan against the holdouts from our earlier Green Nile campaign.

Thanks for the inspiration,

Jim (AKA Col Campbell)

Paul O'G said...

The Officer's Mess is brilliant! A round of claret is on me gentlemen!

Yours in a white wine sauce,

Fitz-Badger said...

A brilliant serial! Great pictures, terrain, minis and all!

Donogh said...

Thanks very much - great concluding chapter with wonderful domestic scenes.
Saw this over at War and Game
More trouble on the frontier...?

A J said...

A thoroughly enjoyable serial and in the fine Old School tradition. Congratulations for producing such wonderful scenery - interior and exterior - and for taking the photographs to inspire us!