Friday, February 12, 2010

Chapter 29: Lt. Gill Crosses The Rickety Bridge

Date: 15 October 1899
Time: Very Late Afternoon And Soon Tis Time To Make Camp
Specific Location: Entrance To The Secret Valley?
Situation: The Next Twelve Hours
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Previously, A Troop 2/9th Bengal Lancers cautiously approached a rickety bridge crossing a deep chasm whilst Lt. Gill silently decided his next move. "A Troop will await the arrival of B Troop and then cross the rope bridge, one man at a time. I will go first and signal to confirm that the men may follow. Once across the bridge the troop will move to a position sheltering behind the palisade gate. B Troop will remain at the near bridgehead and provide covering fire if the enemy appears."

Lt. Gill: "All set then, Haidari?"
Jemadar [Lt.] Haidari: "Yes. Troop A is posted ahead with B close behind but you should not go first."
Gill: "I shall lead from the front - as always. -- Right. Off I go."
Gill: "Sowars [cavalrymen]! Load and cover me."

They do.

Will the rope bridge hold as Lt. Gill slowly moves ahead?

He makes it across.

Arrives at the palisade gate.

He tries the latch.

The first sowar is called across. On a 2D6 throw of double ones, the bridge will yield -- perhaps causing the lancer to shockingly fall into the abyss.

The next man starts to cross. He aims his carbine to save a second should a foe appear.

 The bridge continues to hold as more cross.

Jemadar Haidari and B Troop continue to provide support as ordered by the Ressaldar [Squadron Commander] Gill.

A Troop opens the first gate and presses on. No trouble is seen or heard.

They ascend the Gate House and survey the area. Nothing. All quiet. A small mercy to be sure. Indeed the Gate House is overgrown and appears unused for years.

A runner is sent back across to report all is clear. This news will reach General Pettygree within minutes. He is not far behind with other senior officers watching the progress of Ressaldar Gill's  dismounted lancers.

As a result several companies were later sent across the bridge, The Column encamped, sentries were posted, the men went about their various duties, the evening meal was made, night fell, most bedded down and we now arrive at....


The Imperial Camp before sunrise. Seaforths guard the flank near the tower while a screen of 1st Sikhs guard the far edge of the camp. At the end of the valley a soft morning mist hovers above the distant shallow stream.

Shadows appear on the landscape. 

An unseen animal emerges from the mist, after a cool morning drink.

The Seaforths guarding the flank of the camp vigilantly go about their protective duties. Atop the tower a heliographer and his officer train perspective glasses out yonder.
Heliographer: "Sir, vedettes posted farthest out are not in sight and...."

Heliographer: "Horsemen are emerging from the mist."

Heliographer: "A lot of 'em Sir! Com'n this way an' increasing the pace!"
Standing a foot away Seaforth Captain Fraser remarks: "Aye. Tugs and our supposed ally, The Rajah of Bebara, is with them. Make no mistake, its treachery.  Bugler! Sound the alarm. "STAND TO!"

The bugle sounds while Captain Fraser rapidly bellows out orders.

Fraser: "BYRON! -- I SAY, Lt. Byron, get the laddies out of the tower and form up to give fire into the valley below. Sergeant Drummond. Dash down the hill and tell The General!"
Drummond: "Sah!" 
Closing Remarks:
1. This is going to spoil breakfast.
2. Seaforths and tentage kindly on loan from the celebrated collection of Der Alte Fritz.
3. Gate House and Rickety Bridge are from Miniature Building Authority.
4. Your remarks are very welcome below.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, a refreshing and delightful change-of-pace from watching Olympic coverage.

I await further episodes with anticipation.

-- Jeff

l'Comte de Artois said...


Another exciting tale leaving me on the edge of my seat.


tradgardmastare said...

wonderful as ever Sir!
p.s did you make the rope bridge?

Gallia said...

Thank you Jeff, Randy and Alan!
The battle was fought solo last night. Photos were taken and are being entered into the next installment.
Today, the 14th, the table needs clearing and terraforming for the next small Blitzkrieg Commander II test on Tuesday night and a game of BAR on Saturday at Mollwitz.
Alan, the rope bridge is made by Miniature Building Authority. Check out their website.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Very exciting morning raid.

Conrad Kinch said...


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

3 rounds rapid.... fire!!

Excellent stuff...

Bill - pls post on the outcomes of your BC v2 test - I for one am interested in your thoughts/findings..

Dalanshin said...

WOW! A beautiful set of pics, and a great story, I was captivated watching the bridge crossing.

I look forward to checking out more, keep up the great work! :)

Der Alte Fritz said...

Doh! We have to wait another month to learn about the outcome. Gripping, edge of the seat stuff here Bill. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Gallia said...

Chapter 30 is in the bank, so to speak/write. It will automatically appear when European viewers awaken Saturday morning 20 February. For the American Continents, it will post mid-late Friday night, the 19th. Those "Down Under" should be fully awake and going about their daily routines whatever day it is for them.
For Steve, BKCII processes turns turns fairly fast and more easily than FOW for me. There is less to do to get results. I know there are minds who are able to process FOW with alacrity and the speed of light. Younger minds I guess.

The "Forum" feature on the website is helpful for questions. The "Battlegroups" feature whether "Basic" or "Advanced" is an enormous assist in developing (purchasing things by point cost) orders of battle with proper equipment geared to the Front and month of the year. Fast too.

The system won't allow Grant tanks for British Armoured forces in November 1941.

WWII game systems, it now seems to me are necessarily loaded with lots of different kinds of weapons systems and changes to them too. BKCII handles these nuances easily. A good thing.
Thank you one and all for your interest in the serial.

John Clements said...

Brilliant as always.