Sunday, February 13, 2011

Între Acte {C}

Situation: Intermission {C}
Purpose: Three Topics
Images: Best to double click 'em, you know
Embraces The Frontier from The Secret Valley to Fort Grant and Mother Russia. The Imperials, their implacable foes and the Romanovs have gone their separate ways. Beneath the snowy blanket all appears dormant. Don't you believe it! However, before the thaw, let's cast our eyes on three peaceful and pleasant snowscapes.

One of the many villages within The Secret Valley. The central watchtower serves as a final defensive stronghold should outer walls in obvious need of repair fail to stop intruders from other villages. Few inhabitants believe the Imperials know the exact location of their valley. Beside this they have the Guru's prophetic promise the Imperials will never come here and survive.

Back in Mother Russia Colonel Villainovitch and his niece Countess Alexandra Elaina Volkanskaya stroll about a portion his country dacha.

Are they discussing the imminent party for neighboring nobility? Perhaps. Might they also be speaking about returning to The Secret Valley after the thaw? Yes, possibly.

And you? Are you contemplating Major General Pettygree's plans for his growing force at Fort Grant? Please return after intermission to learn what his officers have to say about it.

Meanwhile let's warm things up with....

Weeks ago Furt inquired about making fire. The following photos hopefully serve.

The product with technical details.

The back of the package shows parts, manufacturer and the website address.

The black Atlas Connector is a model railroad switch bought separately. The three light bulbs are individually connected to it on the top. The 9 volt battery provides power at the side. After the red wire is taped to the battery, power is available or not. Bulbs may be turned on as a group of three, two or just one depending on the position of the yellow buttons. Currently they are all in the down {off} mode.

The first time I used the product was as a test within a 15mm WWII bunker. Only the blinking white light was activated to simulate MG fire. The group thought it was effective and it added interest.

The red wire is taped to the battery now. Power is available to bulbs when the yellow buttons are pushed up. All are on. Oh! Ignore the letters I, DY and X. I forgot to remove these. The last step is to hide all this someplace and place the bulbs beneath cotton wool or the fiber used to fill pillows.

As seen in previous chapters, the fiber is colored with red, yellow and black water-based paint simulating fire and smoke. Apply paint to your fingers working the paint into the fiber using all the colors in different proportions.

Within the pages of Winston Churchill's first book, The Malakand Field Force will be found the kind of specific detail needed to imagineer historical miniatures tabletop games at the company to brigade level. Highly recommended especially if you do any Colonial gaming. A+.

Indeed, just the other day my wife noticed this fellow on Deck 4 of The Navigator of the Seas. He too was so inspired by Churchill's details he was seen taking notes whilst outbound from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. Amazing coincidence!

Montego Bay, Jamaica seen from a low mountain range. Royal Caribbean's Navigator of The Seas is docked in the harbor. "Yah mahn. No problems."
1. Wintry terrain courtesy of my good friend Der Alte Fritz, Jim P. Lovely isn't it?
2. Watch tower, dacha and trees built by HG Walls: Herb Gundt. Awesome, yes?
3. Back soon. We'll see what Major General Pettygree and his officers have to say in the officer's club.
4. Remarks welcome below as always at the word comments.


Steve Gill said...

Welcome back Bill.

Looking forward to hearing of the officers' deliberations; some difficult decisions to make.

Furt said...

Some lovely snowy shots. Thanks for the in depth how-to Bill. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the reinforcements got in before the snow fell!

Now, will Fort Grant still be isolated after the snow melts in The Secret Valley?

Anonymous said...

Always very nice the story and the snowy pictures.

How do you do the snowy textures?