Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chapter VII: The Gauntlet

Date: 31 July 1900
Location: Dakla River
Situation: The Gauntlet
Recommendation: See Chapter VI posted 24 July 2011 here:
The map shown here will be singularly helpful in following the journey
Clicked Images Are Extraordinarily Better
We resume the story of Lt. Col. Lawford's Journey Up The Dakla River.

The Dakla River near the city of Azrou. A pilot boat....

Leads HM Gunboat Zanzibar up river.

On the main deck amidships we see Nazim at the ladder, Colonel Lawford in the blue shirt, Politico Mr. Albert Wyatt in khaki and the enigmatic Colonel Boyle at his cabin door.

Zanzibar's crew exercises the forward gun while others observe adjacent hills. Her speed is only four knots in this narrow and safe section of The Dakla but....

The serenity of the river passage is shockingly altered when shots are fired from the eastern ridge top.

Zanzibar's crew swings around the forward gun and fires, sailors armed with rifles shoot and the Gatling peppers the hillside. Lawford ducked whilst Wyatt and Boyle  moved out of sight.

The Gatling suppresses enemy fire.

But Colonel Boyle is hit and lying on the main deck as....

Zanzibar increases speed moving out of range of enemy fire.
1. Readers are kindly reminded this is Part VII of a second serial story on the Campaigns of General Pettygree blog. Part VI, The Spy, appeared here on 24 July 2011. This story and General Pettygree's Surajistan Field Force (Chapter 55 recently posted) are occurring at the same time.

2. Col. Lawford was detached from Gen. Pettygree's command due to his unique knowledge of whom he is pursuing. Tally-Ho Colonel!

3. The map mentioned at the very beginning is here: http://generalpettygree.blogspot.com/2011/07/chapter-vi-spy.html

4. Gunboat: A Houston vessel bought from The Virtual Armchair General. http://www.thevirtualarmchairgeneral.com/500-houston.html

5. Crew: Mostly Perry Sudan Naval Brigade painted by John Preece.

6. The water product from Scenic Express is terrific. See: http://www.sceneryexpress.com/prodinfo.asp?number=NH60851 

7. Ahoy there lads! Your remarks are entirely welcome.


Michael Awdry said...

Another wonderful instalment; particularly like the photography in this one.

Dave Wargamer said...

Remarkably lifelike, splendid composition.

I wonder if that is an old Britains hedge lurking amongst the undergrowth in the fifth photo.

Furt said...

Certainly the cinematics have been turned up a notch! Wonderful shots of the forested banks and the Zanzibar is brilliant. Bravo.


Richard said...

Great story as usual. But I just determined that the German will have the Dakla country in my storyline.

Bluebear Jeff said...

An excellent episode (as always) . . . and I'm sure that I'm not alone in finding the mystery behind this tale more interesting than the main General Pettygree storyline . . . so please give us more, sir.

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to place your kind comments here. I appreciate you for doing this very-very much.
Yes it is an old Britains hedge. Good eye there Dave!
Richard and Furt:
Good luck with your blog efforts!

Jiminho said...

Furt is right - this venture is more and more cinematic all time. Beautifully done! Trains, gunboats, forts, all kinds of troops and personalities - it is an epic that you have going on in your basement.

Fjodin said...

Amazing! What material have you used for water?

Gallia said...

The water product is from Scenic Express here:


Best wishes,

A J said...

Amazing photos! You've definitely kicked things up a notch. I particularly like the eye-level shots, it feels like I'm in the scene.

Lord Hill said...

Marvellous stuff! Keep it up!

Tomy Gray said...

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Sebastian said...

I found this blog today. It is very impressive and it inspirational. Are you using a rule set to resolve combat? Thank you very much for this.

Gallia said...

Sebastian, Our rules are a Colonial version of Batailles de 'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR) Thank you for being interested in my stories!
Bill P.