Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Sword and The Flame 20th Edition Test Games

Opening Remarks
Chuck L. has been interested to try the 20th edition of The Sword and The Flame. A May 19, 2016 test was fun and lively on the Northwest Frontier. On May 25, 2016 our second test moves to Prinz Wilhelmsland in the mythical continent of Mafrica.

Why Prinz Wilhelmsland? So the collection of Der Alte Fritz can get onto the table.

It includes colonial troops from German Southwest Africa like these and Gunboat Luchs. Not only that, but Chuck reminded me about Mafrica the other day. These are good enough reasons for a game backdrop. Don't you agree?

Mafrica was imagineered by the late Jack Scruby. He envisioned world powers acting in concert or in opposition colonizing a small island continent. Alliances were composed of any national or indigenous peoples depending on imagination or simply by what miniatures were at hand. Take a look at captions below to see what he had in mind.

A question? Yes?

"Does this involve General Pettygree?"

No. The General and Mary Pettygree are at this moment aboard a train from Bombay to Delhi. See the story previous to this one for the latest news.

And now to Prinz Wilhelmsland....

TSATF Test #2

Two troops of the 9th Bengal Lancers are returning to Wilhelmshaven barely visible in the upper right. Settlers apparently plan to meet them.

The Lancers will cross The Zambezi River at a bridge guarded by nearby Askaris from the collection of Todd B.

Another question? Yes, go ahead.

"Bill, the Zambezi was not in German Southwest Africa. Was it?"
And, a comment. Indian Lancers were never there either!"

This does not matter in Mafrica.

The Zambezi is off image to the left guarded by a watch tower.

Between the watch tower and the dock several platoons of diverse soldiers are assembling.

Reason? Warbands are approaching in the far distance. Can you hear the drums?

A naval officer aboard Gunboat Luchs and a settler atop a building are observing them. Sailors are apparently clearing for action.

Another question?

"Why are sandbag defenses we've seen undefended?"

That's because we are in pre-game set-up needing a few players to come over to play the game on May 25th between 7-9:30pm. If we don't finish, we'll reconvene on another weeknight.

How about you?

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Remarks welcome below.
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Ross Mac said...

Looks marvelous! Fun is anticipated!

Dai said...

Certainly looks like a fun and engaging setup. More!

Sgt. Guinness said...

Thank you for the entertainment. I've been reading your blog for quite sometime and following the campaigns of the general. It was because of folks like you, The Mad Guru, Last Stand Dan, and many others that had compelled me to start a humble blog myself.

Another great looking set up! How are you guys liking the test games of TSATF? I'm a huge fan of this rules set and its variants. I've been playing it since the mid 1980's. I've got a couple of TSATF AAR's on my site if you're interested.