Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Date: 26 September, 1884 {2020}
Location: Khartoum and Environs
Situation: Get Them Back To Khartoum --- Fast!


Atop Government House in Khartoum

"Do you see them Private Knight?
"Just Eclipse now com'n into view Sir."

"Train that automatic on the shoreline."
"Aye Lieutenant Olley."

"Where the devil is the General and his party? There could be Hadendowah's hid'n anywhere now that we know they are suddenly massing again."

"I don't see 'em Sir --- but the're out there --- as sure as Bob's your uncle."

"I don't like it at all Knight. Not one bit."

British Museum Excavation Site C

"William, Abigail and I have the idea that this structure is a half-buried pyramid. Maybe more. When our laborers clear away the vegetation and commence digging, we'll see."

"Yes, General Pettygree. Think what wonders we may find inside especially if the locals leave us alone. They will --- won't they? Are they still cross about things?"

"Mary, my dear --- Abigail. We have time. How much I do not know. However, the Army has reported the entire region empty for months. Lieutenant Olley has seen nothing along the Blue Nile during his river patrols. Grandmaison has been out for days with the Lancers sending regular dispatches back to Gordon saying the same thing. Nothing will happen soon. We are safe."

Lieutenant Grandmaison's Lancer Troop

"Troop --- Hah ALT!

"Lads, we'll have to find another way back to Khartoum."


(1) Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz), Chuck The Lucky, Earl K. and Bill P. (yours truly) have a 54mm Khartoum game planned. The preceding short story sets the stage.

(2) A lot of people need to get back to Khartoum.

(3) We hope you will look in again soon to find out who did. 



Greg Rigler said...

Thanks for the scene-setting. Very atmospheric. General Pettygree seems to be cutting a new sartorial dash. Looking forward to the next installments.

Best wishes,


Der Alte Fritz said...

Bill, this is a brilliant post with some amazing photographic skill on display. Looking forward to rolling dice with the lads again on Saturday


tradgardmastare said...

The boat bow wave effect is very effective indeed. An enjoyable prologue, we await further dispatches. Hope you have a great game.

Phil Olley said...

Watch out for that Lt Olley character... he seems a dashing, handsome sort of chap, but ...

tidders said...

Nicely narrated - setup for the big game :)

Gallia said...

The evening before the game is ending. Finishing touches have been made here and there to enhance terrain interest and Lt. Grandmaison is retiring the Lancers to the rear. Reason: Dervish Camelry and especially numerous enemy armed with rifles are forcing the retreat.

Thank you for your remarks, sentiments and good wishes. The Gang of Four appreciate the time you took to write.

Bill P.
Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree