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My dear readers, Empire of Wrath takes place in an imagineered region of The Northwest Frontier on the Indian Sub-Continent. There I will face my most cunning, dangerous and malevolent opponent ever. You will meet him soon enough. Meanwhile, perhaps you will remember my 10th Hussar familiars as they commence this new and perilous adventure. They are en-route to take post at old abandoned Fort Albert. Let's get started with.

Chapter 1
At The Gallop

"After this long ride, will you look at that, Trooper Corey?"

"What for all love? We're flanked by pine ridges. I don't see anythi'n. Ragnar Khan could be hid'n up there with dozens of tribesmen and their cruel jezzails. Well Trooper Ham?" 

"No, you blind man. Captain Bartlett is going to finally halt the troop. Look now."

"1st Troop. Halt. --- Corey --- Ham --- come forward."

"That's torn it Corey."

"Captain Bartlett, Sir," said Ham and Corey in unison."

"Ham, Corey, you've been breathing our dust this past hour and more. It's time for clear air. Ride out to the point relieving Thornton and Crisp. Though the ground ahead is something of a savanna, keep your eyes open for trouble from anywhere. Take Jack along for good measure. He might sniff something out before you do. Then take us into Fort Albert. It's two leagues up ahead. Questions?"

"None, Cap'n." 

"Then good luck. Dismissed."

"Onward Jack! What's a savanna? All I see is flat, open and rolling ground ahead."

"You just described it, Ham. It's in the context you know. Didn't you learn anything in school?"


Crisp shouted out, "Troopers Corey, Ham an' good Jack too. What's the story, then?"

"Well Crisp. It's like this. The Cap'n thinks you two are skylarking. So, you are relieved. Report immediately back to the column in shame." 

"Corey, you're a liar."

Winking, "No he ain't. We'll take over from here," said Ham.

"Like the Captain said, a savanna, remarked Corey.

"And Fort Albert. I'll be mighty glad to have walls around us tonight."

"Look right, will you?"

"Boars on a rampage?"

"Scared is more like it. They're really mov'n fast. Maybe a tiger is after 'em."

"They're heading for cover in the woods. Sows, boars and wee babies," remarked Corey.

"There's why, my dear Ham. Horsemen are bearing down on the column. The lead rider has stopped and is leveling his rifle at us."

A puff of smoke and delayed report exited the Pathan's rifle. 

The bullet hurtled toward Ham and Corey.

Captain Bartlett heard the crack of the rifle, turned to see where it came from and....

Bellowed, "At the GALLOP. Follow me to the fort!"

"We've seen worse, my dear Corey."

"Sure. When?"


1. Chapter 2 Half A League To The Fort is completed. It will be posted October 1st. 2022. We look forward to seeing you return at that time for the next exciting installment of Empire of Wrath.

2. Thank you for your interest and approbation. 

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RogerB said...

Very cool story and great miniatures. This is a fantastic blog!

Greg Rigler said...
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Greg Rigler said...
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ColCampbell50 said...

Fort Albert is very striking. But does Captain Bartlett have enough men to properly garrison it? And one wonders what surprises lurk in the halls of the fort? I suppose we'll find out anon.


Don said...

Cool story so far. My favorites are the pictures of the painted miniatures and scenery.

nobby said...

May I suggest a very good novel about this period for your reference shelves: The Leopard and the Cliff by Wallace Breem. He served in the Indian Army in the last days of empire.

Stryker said...

Great stuff as always!

pancerni said...

Start right off with a race to safety! Good show.

Sgt Guinness said...

Excellent, I always enjoy the adventures of General P.