Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chapter 9: Cavalry Exercises

On 15 February 1899/2009 General Pettygree ordered the Cavalry Brigade posted at Fort Grant to exercise in preparation for the coming campaign season. Dear reader you will view most of the drill session as if you are the foe watching from the distant position of the camera. The horsemen are coming for you! Click on photos to enlarge them please. And now....


Brigadier Blackiston (binoculars) observes the field in front of him.


In the background is 2/10th Hussars. One troop is deployed in a screen whilst the other is formed to the rear ready for mischief should it come from the brigade right flank or rear.


Moments later 1/9th Bengal Lancers begin to arrive.


The trotting horses kick up a little dust.


Senior officers guide the lancers to their deployment area. More arrive.


1/9th Bengal Lancers have formed a two deep line on the left whilst 2/9th Bengal lancers arrive on the right.


Both squadrons ascend the gentle rise of ground before them. In the background you see 3/9th Bengal Lancers arriving. It will take post behind the other squadrons.


In the first line from left to right are the 1/9th and 2/9th Bengal Lancers. Each squadron is deployed two ranks deep. The second line from left to right consists of 3/9th Bengal Lancers in one rank and two troops. To the photo right rear is one troop of 1/10th Hussars in one rank.

First Line! Forward at the TROT! Here they come.


Forward at the CANTER!




The first line has now passed your position. Whilst they did so, the second line walked toward you. Their mission is to exploit a breakthrough or counter-charge if the first line is thrown into confusion.


Brigadier Blackiston leads the second line slowly forward. Each troop is deployed in echelon.
Order of Battle
Brigadier Blackiston (Hinchliffe 25mm)
ADCs (2) (Castaway Arts and Peter Gilder Connoisseur Miniatures)
9th Bengal lancers (3 Squadrons: 50 miniatures)
10th Hussars (2 Squadons: 26 miniatures)
The 9th and 10th are composed exclusively of Peter Gilder 28mm Connoisseur Miniatures available from Bicorne Miniatures.


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In England its some hours later and drinking tea, nevertheless a splendid way to enjoy the first cup of the day.

Thanks for such a splendid glimpse of peacetime routines.


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Thanks for sharing your photos. I too enjoyed them with my first cup of coffee. Watching the evolutions of the squadrons, complete with appropriate dust, is fun.

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Excellent presentation of cavalry drill. I really felt as if I were there watching the real thing.