Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 18: Outpost #3

Date: 10 September 1899/2009
Location: Outpost #3 north of Fort Grant
Mission: Telegraph Line Maintenance and Report Enemy Activity Via Heliograph

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And now....

Outpost #3, home of Naveena Bhatt. Most of the heliograph section has eyes and perspective glasses trained....


Oh, it's just a section of the Bombay Miners and Sappers returning from inspecting and repairing the telegraph line. But....

there is something else. Look closely will you, my dear fellow. Here, use my telescope. Someone else is coming in. Who? A horseman and a man on foot.

More come into view. Still hard to tell at this distance. They look peaceful. Who could think otherwise with all those women, children and supply animals out there. Two armed men now.

It's the Grand Raja of Bebera with family, supplies and guards! But where are his warriors? Dear readers you must recall Bebara was recently taken by the inscrutable Khan! Lieutenant Bracegirdle has gone out to meet his visitors and to ascertain the reason for their arrival.


After telegraph line repairs, Annie and Gunga Din enjoy a respite with water and shade while....

The attention of Outpost #3 turns southward.

Lieutenant Bracegirdle takes position outside the works to observe....

The arrival of The Kyber Field Force.

A closer view.

Even closer view.

The familiar 10th. Hussars flank the right of The Column; first squadron in the lead. The second squadron guidon may be seen behind the mounted officer in the right of the image.

Next: Colonel Archibald Sinclair's Seaforth Highlanders, victors of The Battle of Kotar. On loan from the collection of Der Alte Fritz.

Heliograph Section #2. Major General William Augustus Pettygree is mounted. To the right is Dr. James Watson.

Two squadrons from the 9th. Bengal Lancers flank the left of The Column.

Seaforth Highlanders lead the Berkshire Battalion.

We've turned around to look the other way. Outpost #3 is in the distance while the head of The Kyber Field Force arrives on the plain nearby.

Upper Center: Two squadrons of the 10th. Hussars.
Upper left: 72nd. Seaforth Highlanders.
Left Upper Center: Heliograph Section #2 and Maj. Gen. Pettygree.
Center: 66th. Foot Berkshires.

Half of the 1st Mountain Battery consisting of two 2.5" Screw Guns.

The Elephant Battery. Two 15 Pdrs. and one old 12 Pdr. smooth bore. 1st. Sikh Battalion coming into view guarding supply animals and personnel.

The rear of The Column is guarded by the veteran 1st Sikhs.


Closing Remarks:

1. See Chapter 17 for maps.

2. KHAN captured Bebara last month while all Imperials were at Fort Grant.

3. But Gen. Pettygree stole a march on KHAN exiting Fort Grant at night heading northwestward into the adjacent Torqua Hills.

4. Hugging hill passes and closed up tightly, The Kyber Field Force descended into the plain near Outpost #3.

5. The Army will encamp for a day, afterwards proceeding direct to the village of Bebara to engage KHAN. A day's march should do it.

6. Meanwhile what is on the mind of The Grand Raja of Bebera now also at Outpost #3? His presence is unexpected. Chapter 19 might answer that inquiry.

7. And what of KHAN? Indeed, what of KHAN!

8. And don't forget the force that attacked Fort Grant at the end of July. Where are the fearless and perhaps foolhardy forces of "The General" and Chota?

9. Any other enemy forces out there? You never know in Colonial historical miniatures tabletop gaming. Return next time and you might find out.
01 September 1899/2009 Medical Report
Bombay Miners and Sappers:
4 more died of wounds from Battle of Kotar
5 remain in hospital
4 returned to duty
Seaforth Highlanders:
1 more died of wounds from Battle of Kotar
6 remain in hospital
4 returned to duty
Green Muskets:
0 died of wounds from Battle of Kotar
1 remains under care
2 returned to duty
Gray Sash Jezails:
3 more died of wounds from Battle of Kotar
7 remain under care
2 returned to duty
On 1 October 1899/2009:

Imperials will throw 1xD6/casualty again for those still in hospital: 1-2 = Invalided home, 3 = Remain in Hospital, 4, 5, 6 = Recovered.

Natives still recovering will be thrown for again at 1xD6/miniature. Recovery remains slightly harder compared to the Imperials. 1-2 = Invalided home, 3-4 = Recovering and 5, 6 = Recovered.

1 October throws will be the third time this will be done for Battle of Kotar casualties. Dice numerics changed for each set of throws to make it easier to clear out those under care faster and faster. Prior medical throws were on 1 August and 1 September. See the ends of Chapters 15 and 16 for results and procedure.


Thank you for looking in. Comments appreciated.


Brooklyn scribe said...

Awesome great fun, as usual!

Your layout and figures and narrative always bring to my mind the North-West Frontier chapter in Donald Featherstone's "SOLO WARGAMING" (the one with the B&W cover featuring a lone modern British infantry figure), one of the formative hobby-related reads of my youth. So stopping by always combines something new and fond memories of something old.

Thanks -- and please keep it up!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Indeed these are wonderful (as always). I really like the "character" of the figures and units that you show us.

Keep it up.

-- Jeff

Andy McMaster said...

Excellent stuff again. Been following this for a while and it's inspiring in the figures, content, and presentation.

Long may it continue!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Brooklyn scribe took the words right from my mouth! Excellent as always Bill - and nice to see Annie is still in good health!

Anonymous said...

What battle on Brown Deer table lurks? Well done, Bill!


John Clements said...

Splendid....impressive. Just what a wargames blog should be. Thanks for sharing it with us

Furt said...

Impressive - love the pics of the column moving down to the plain.

Can't wait for the battle to come - good luck positioning all those figures. God bless movement trays!

Pray the General Pettygree prevails.

littlejohn said...

A magnificent column of troops and I second Brooklyn scribe's remembrance of Featherstone's colonials marching out of Kohat in the Solo Wargaming book. Your troops are that inspirational!

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent pics as usual! The figures, terrain, and "staging" all tell an interesting and eye-catching story! Almost like watching one of the old films.

Gallia said...

Thank you for your generous and appeciated remarks. I was inspired by Don F. too. Thus, his legacy influences me still.
One of the photo details I was thinking about a year ago on my way back from Historicon, Gettysburg plus Jumonville Glen had to do with undulating terrain. If one uses a terrain cloth such as the one in the photos, undulations are easy and appear natural when things are placed underneath. This enhances reality a little more - especially if one views scenes at near eye level.

tradgardmastare said...

It gets better with every posting- more ower to your camera!
Keep it up

Ross said...

Marvelous & imaginative as usual. Glad to see Annie is getting lots of exercise as well as good care. Looking forward to the next chapter.