Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 31: Pursuing KHAN!

Date: 16 October 1899
Location: Two Miles From The Escarpment Camp
Situation: Imperial Pursuit Three Hours After The Sunrise Battle Of The 16th
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Previously The Khyber Field Force pursued the Tug Army to a sheer escarpment on 15 October. KHAN attacked the next morning from behind but retreated. Resolved to engage the foe where found, General Pettygree immediately broke camp and gave chase with the brigade of cavalry. The farthest in front are 1/10th Hussars....

Pvt. Jones: "Nothing to the left Sergeant."
Pvt. Thornton: "Or to the right."
Sgt. Bourne: "Aye but you blind chaps, look...."

The rest of the 1/10th Hussars (red guidon) provide close support in case of mischief. Behind them....

On a rise of ground is General Pettygree (centered on the grey) with staff. From right to left, ADC Major Mitchell, Correspondent Pearson, Lt. Col. Preece (10th Hussars), General Pettygree, Cavalry Brigadier "Blacky" Blackiston, Major Trevelan (10th Hussars) coming in to be greeted by cavalry ADC Forsythe III.

2/10th Hussars escort the staff.

To the right a squadron of 9th Bengal Lancers peer into the distance seeing nothing.

The rest of the regiment is massed to the left of the general.

Way out to the left is Lt. Gill with a troop of lancers screening the whole Imperial Force.

Looking past Lt. Gill's troop we see General Pettygree and staff on the rise of ground.

The scene to the front of the brigade of cavalry.

A wider view. Something is out there in the distance as we return to....

Sgt. Bourne: "Well my blind malingerers...there 'e is, The KHAN. An' wait'n fer us...sure."

1. The surprise attack by KHAN this morning might as well have been months ago.
2. What lies behind that distant ridge?
3. Will the Imperial infantry and artillery arrive to give battle today? They are coming. Turn around in your imagination to observe the brigade square marching toward you; dust rising in the sky, jingling equipment mixing with the voices of unhappy supply animals and their handlers.
4. You may have heard the general say, "If the infantry comes up soon, we will cross the river and attack today. That chap KHAN won't get away again if he stands."
5. The tabletop game will be fought in two sessions on 9 and 13 April - hopefully to conclusion.
6. What would you do if you were KHAN or Pettygree?
7. Comments welcome below at the word "Comments."


tradgardmastare said...

Gosh,that was stunning stuff Sir! Keep it up!

Donogh said...

Great stuff.
That picture of Lt. Gill leading the lancers foreshadows glorious ruin
KHAAAANNNN! (with apologies)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

What orders indeed!

For the Khan - he needs to attack as soon as possible before the British have time to put together a formed defence...

For the British I didn't see any infantry with the party so the sensible thing would be to fall back on the main body... if there isn't time then I'm assuming they are armed with carbines, in which case dismount and form square while sending a courier to rush up the infantry with all dispatch!!

Either way - I look forward to the game!

Anonymous said...

Well, Steve-the-Wargamer, that's no way to build an Empire. Have at them, I say! Smite the Philistines, smite them hip and thigh!

Oh, I DO feel better now.

Well, I say, make a feint towards the Khan and draw him out, then do the Parthian bit on him and draw the pursuit towards the Brigade Square and let them feel the embrace of the Enfields.

Bluebear Jeff said...

What I would try to do with either the Khan or the General is quite simple and the same for both . . . I would try to WIN.

(Not much help with the details, but the objective is clear enough.)

-- Jeff

Larry Stehle said...

If I were the Khan I would indeed most quickly smite the British before they can get it together....

Ross Mac said...

Hmmm, looks like the river are hemmed in by rivers, I wonder if they are fordable? Khan would know. They old frontal rush isn't working so well, I'd go for keeping most of the cold steel types hidden until the British pass by them, use the cavalry to keep tempting them forward without engaging in Mahratta style, and start sniping into the flanks from hill tops and beyond the river,melting away when attacked. Then, once the ferengees are sufficiently worn down and out of position, " Up ghazis and at them!"
Looking forward to the next episode.