Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter 43: KHAN

Date: Nov. 6, 1899
Situation: Lt. Col. Lawford's New Prison
Location: Kota-Ki-Bandahar Village
Pukka (1st rate) images if you click on them twice husoor (lord)
"Open the gate!" KHAN leads the Red Sash Horsemen toward the village of an ally.

The gate is fully open. The leader in blue points shouting, "This way KHAN."

The Red Sash Horsemen gallop through the narrow gate led by KHAN.

Men atop the village Watch Tower lean over to observe and cheer the procession.

In the midst is the prisoner (center), Lt. Colonel James Lawford, 9th. Bengal Lancers.


Slowing a bit now, he leads the horsemen across an old bridge toward....

The village of Kota-Ki-Bandahar with its imposing and striking Watch Tower.

They assemble in an orderly way before the tower. The village malik (headman) converses with KHAN as Lt. Col. Lawford is brought forward. One horsemen (left center) has his attention drawn elsewhere.

Striped men appear from the tower.

Lawford's bearing remains unchanged as he wonders if the striped chaps are guards or?

 In Chapter 42 the unknown officer below said....
Officer: "Bring our guest forward, Vladimir."
Trooper: "Da Colonel."

The guest wears the uniform of an hussar.

They observe riders coming forward from the cavalry horde.

 The hussar rises above the saddle to see better.

The Europeans ride calmly to meet the approaching natives.

1. H.G.Walls artfully built the two gorgeous watch towers.

2. From the collection of Chuck: Roads and natives on tall circular bases. Thank you Chuck!

3. The hussar is a 30mm Suren from the Napoleon in Egypt range. Contact Tradition of London. The mirliton was replaced with a Hinterland Miniatures busby.

4. From Miniature Building Authority: Stone walls, bridge, wooden walls and buildings.

5. The Terrain Guy's excellent table covering and river add much to scenes.

6. Grey natives skillfully painted by Reinforcements By Post.

7. Your remarks are always welcome. Click on the word, "comments" below.


Paul´s Bods said...

I can´t wait to see what happens next!! :-)

Sigmar said...

Some outstanding vistas there. They have a very authentic feel to them, esp the over bridge village shot of Kota-Ki-Bandahar.

Very nice work Gallia and thanks for sharing. I'll be back :)

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Now is it me, or does that hussar look like (s)he has a fairly impressive embonpoint????? :o))

Ross Mac said...

Marvelous! (as usual)


ColCampbell50 said...

One wonders if she might be related to the Lady DeWinter? Maybe a daughter carrying on the mother's work?

marvelous work, as usual!


A J said...

Wonderful terrain, story and figures! I agree, there's more to that hussar than meets the eye...

Gallia said...

Thank you Everyone!,
For your kind and very interesting remarks. The hussar will appear soon - dismounted. Meanwhile...
I am respectfully yours,

Anonymous said...

Nice terrain I wish all the figures bases were flocked though.