Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter I: Alexandra In Peril

Date: 1 June 1900. Early Morning.
Location: Col. Lawford's Quarters, Fort Grant, Surajistan
Situation: Fate of Countess Alexandra
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Expedition To Alexandrapour is a spin off adventure from General Pettygree's campaign. Chapters will be identified by Roman numerals. For plentiful background, see Chapters 37 and 40 through 48.

Pettygree's operations versus the Tugs resume very soon with Chapter 50, The Sketching Patrol.

We return now to Fort Grant where a very troubled Lt. Col. James Lawford, Commander of the celebrated 9th Bengal Lancers....
Nazim: "Colonel? Colonel Sahib! Are you alright? What is it?"
Lawford: "A moment Nazim. Ah.... Give me a moment, if you please. Help me dress."


Lawford: "You will remember last year --- the Romanovs sought permission from the Tug Supreme Leader to find the lost ruins of Alexandrapour and the supposed treasure buried beneath it."
Nazim: "Yes Sahib, but we thought they did not find it."
Lawford: "That is what we thought but....

Lawford: "I've seen their camp. Seen it in the most desperate of circumstances."

Lawford: "Surprised and outnumbered they fought a mysterious enemy."

Lawford: "Disaster and ignominious defeat beckoned, but the worst was...."

Lawford: "She --- she was there."
Nazim: "The Countess Alexandra?"
Lawford: "None other. She drew her revolver firing to stop the charge; failing."
Nazim: "What was her fate Sahib?"

Lawford: "An unspeakable one Nazim. She was escorted to an altar near ancient ruins."

Lawford: "Taken to a place of sacrifice surrounded and administered to by the same cruel fiends who tortured me at Kota Ki-Bandahar last year."

Nazim: "Sahib!"
Lawford: "Yes...I'm afraid so."

Lawford: "I can hardly speak of it.... Her garments were indecently replaced by a ceremonial white short gown...then...monstrously tied to posts...."

Lawford: "Hopelessly left there to...."

1. The building is from Miniature Building Authority; some with terrific interiors.
2. MBA also has the tents and altar.
3. Chuck's Pulp characters are in evidence around the altar.
4. Pulp Miniatures provided the model for the final photograph.
5. Come on then. Let's rescue her!
6. Your remarks are always welcome below at the word comments.


Furt said...

Bravo - the General returns. I was just contemplating how long it has been since the last installment. Very nice story and use of miniatures. The beasts to dare do such things to a woman!
If I may ask, what make is the veiled woman?


Jeroen72 said...

Alexandra, noooooooooooooooo!!

A J said...

Oh, I say! The rotters! I'm looking forward to an account of the noble lady's rescue, sir.

ColCampbell50 said...


Excellent start to what will be, I'm sure, a great storyline.


Gallia said...

Hi Furt,
Chuck tells me the veiled woman is from here:
Thank you for your comments Sirs!,
Chapters II and III are done excepting one more photo. These will appear in June.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nicely done, sir . . . as usual.

I look forward (now that it is June) to the next installment.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

By Jove, Sir, this yarn's as good as those 'penny dreadfuls' one had as a sprog! Well done, Sir, on the photography front - excellently portrayed!!


Alan said...

I will be of-line for the next 2 weeks: I am on my way to rescue the woman of my dreams!