Thursday, July 31, 2014

Astounding Tales Weeknight Game

D  A  N  G  E  R  !  !

Date: July 31, 1890/2014
Location: We Can't Tell You!
Situation: Adventure Game
Rules: Astounding Tales by Howard Whitehouse
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Some of the local pards game on weeknights after work usually from 7-9:30 p.m. Games can be one of a kind or thematic continuing over several weeks. On the 31st of July 1890/2014, Chuck invited us over to play Astounding Tales. Let's part jungle growth below shall we, and walk right into danger!

Chuck promised an appealing and stimulating table setting. It was visually superb! Much of his terrain is scratch built from aquarium plants/structures. Michael's Stores provide other items as well.

The plank bridge could sway in the wind given it's flexibility. It is fixed to posts on each end. However, loops laid over the posts can be easily lifted in case you want to have the bridge hang down a cliff face. The explorer seen to the right has just investigated a trio of enormous eggs. He as I are wondering what the parents are!

Three sweaty indigenous inhabitants stroll along the river. They do not see the ??? behind them in the water. Figures are from Pulp Miniatures. I just finished painting twenty of them.

Chuck had ten of these structures scattered in the jungle. 12"x12" each. The total scene was reminiscent of a lost city in the  process of recovery. Explorers (thieves?) are en-route to investigate the ruins.

Blocks were glued together to form the structures. In this story, structures (rooms) are widely spaced apart. However, on previous game nights Chuck has placed them side by side forming one huge building for his Lost Tomb Game. Some doorways can only be accessed if explorers figure out where they are and if they have the skill to do so. Blocks can actually be removed.

Structures can also be placed on top of each other as I did in the story Expedition To Alexandrapour. See the list of chapters to the left, XXI and XXII in particular.

One group of intrepid explorers has arrived at an exceptional room. Is that the remains of an altar or if the central stone can be lifted, is there a passage to mysteries below? In my Expedition to Alexandrapour, it was a way to descend to lover levels.


1) Astounding Tales is easy to play. We like the system. On this occasion Chuck, John, Kirk and I participated.

2) Weeknight games are often of short duration. One aspect is we get to use many of our game time periods we don't do on weekends. Examples: Westerns, Star Wars, Battle of Britain, Pulp Adventure and 20mm-28mm WWII skirmish. We'll soon commence adventures in the South Pacific between WWI and WWII. Saturday games are quite often big games lasting from mid-morning into the late afternoon; Seven Years' War, General Pettygree Colonial, Napoleonic Iberia and 15mm WWII North Africa, Italy or France.

3) Comments welcome but if you hear drums beating, RUN!.
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Joe said...

Some really impressive scenery.

Joe said...

This is some really impressive terrain!

Graham C said...

Very impressive, inspiring board. Bet it was fun to game

Bluebear Jeff said...

Great terrain to game on.

-- Jeff

chuck said...

Thanks for the write up Bill. Im happy with how the game turned out and that you guys enjoyed it.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...


Best Regards,


Millsy said...

Wonderful looking scenery. Looks like great fun.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Really great scenery. I see a trip to Michael's in my near future.