Monday, October 15, 2018

Sudan 54mm Three Battle Campaign

Proposal: Three Battle Sudan Campaign
Situation: Link Three Battles Together
Miniatures: Britains, John Jenkins and Others from Der Alte Fritz and yours truly
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Jack Scruby's Mafrica Map

Battle #1:
Imperial Naval Descent at the mouth of the Bebara River.
Small numbers encamp along the coast on the south side of the river.
Natives react to throw the foe back into the sea before more arrive.

Battle #2:
Assuming the Imperials hold on, more forces come ashore.
The Army marches inland to capture Kharti.
The Bebara River remains navigable for Imperial gunboats.

Battle #3:
If the Imperials are successful, they march deeper inland to Omdurman.
Very large battle.
If Omdurman falls, the war ends.
If not, the Imperials retreat and evacuate the continent.

Depending on results, Battles 2 and 3 might need adjusting.

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Circumstances For Battle #1

A portion of the initial Imperial landing force.
Royal Marines assemble on the beach.
Gardner Gun is being hauled forward.

Forward perimeter manned by more Royal Marines.
Apparently something is in the air!

Highlanders defend a forward enclosure to protect the beach.
The beach is to the left off image.

Stand to!
Volley Fire - Present!

Natives gather in a wooded area.
Hundreds of 'em to the south.

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(1) The above offers an outline for three future games.

(2) Sometime in the deep past, the concept of a three battle campaign arose. I can't remember who imagineered this. It might have been Donald Featherstone. Does anyone remember? 

(3) Check back for more.

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This looks promising and exciting, Bill! Looking forward to more as it unfolds.

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A treat for your viewers to look forward to!

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Which side gets to kill me? :-)

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