Monday, February 18, 2019

18 February 1899: March To Bulawao Kraal

Date: 18 February 1899/2019
Location: One Day East of Bulawao Kraal, Mafrica
Situation: Imperial Column Preparing To March
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18 February 1899 --- Imperial Camp
Foreground: Naval Detachment --- Background 66th Foot

"Colonel Blakeney. Riders com'n in fast. Looks like Lt. Hawkings and the van Deers girl."

"Right you are Sergeant Major Crisp. We'll wait for them here."

"Very good Sah!"

"Lt. Hawkings and Miss Margaretha, welcome back."
"Glad to be back Colonel."
"What did you discover?"

"Mixed news. Half the Impi is gone. The rest is at Bulawao."
"Ja. We saw the track of the Impi. It is three to four days old."

"Very well then. Time to march fast and strike."
"My family and our destroyed farm will be avenged."
"Yes. Now both of you get food and rest. Catch up with us later."

"Miss Margaretha. I have some tolerable brandy."
"Thank you. However, a change of clothes and breakfast would serve best." 
"Naturally. I only thought...."

"Captain Robbyns. The 66th will step off at the half hour."
"Aye Colonel. I'll break camp and bring up the wagons directly."

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1) This is the prelude to Game #2 of our Mafrica Campaign. Scroll down just a little to Game #1 played on 10 October 2018/1898. 

2) Rules: The Sword and The Flame 20th edition.

3) Thank you for looking in. Comments, remarks, etc. welcome.

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nobby said...

A lovely way of setting out the story.
Thank you for sharing.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Wonderful! These episodes always remind me of old movie serials from the 1930s or 40s.

Best Regards,


Stephen Gilbert said...

Top notch beginning, most enjoyable.

Michael Mathews said...

Excellent, the hunt is afoot!

Adelaide Gamer said...

Looking forward to the coming adventure!

Gallia said...

Thank you for your interest in this photo story.
I appreciate you taking the time to say so electronically.
And....Coming Soon:
The Battle of Bulawao Kraal Photo Story fought 19 February 1899/2019.
Bill P.

Sgt Guinness said...

A cracking good start to what I’m sure will be another exciting campaign!
I look forward to the adventure....