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Chapter VIII: Zanzibar Arrives At Dongolo

Date: 3-6 August 1900
Location: Legation City of Dongolo
Situation: Disembarkation
See Chapter VII posted 1 November 2011 here:

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Lt. Col. Lawford's passage up The Dakla River aboard HM Gunboat Zanzibar ends at the Legation City of Dongolo. After a pause, the pursuit of the Romanov Expedition to Alexandrapour and Countess Alexandra will resume.

The Legation City Of Dongolo, Mafrica
3 August 1900

At the eastern gate....

A Germanian Schütztruppe squadron returns from patrol.

Inhabitants gather round to observe and hopefully make some money but....

The camelry rides on as....

Gunboat Luchs of the Imperial Germanian Kriegsmarine raises steam to depart.

The helm is put hard a starboard to help turn the gunboat almost in place.

The turn is successful as she heads out into The Dakla River.
Dockspace is needed for....

HM Britannian Gunboat Zanzibar. On the upper deck Nazeem, Lt. Colonel Lawford (blue shirt) and Mr. Wyatt observe the Germanian compound.

Zanzibar motors by and...

Enters the harbour.

Led by the pilot boat which has been with her from the beginning.

A slow turn to port soon....

Finds Zanzibar making the dock and later disembarking a portion of the crew.

Her sailors form at dockside whilst a section of Britannian infantry stand guard.

Lawford and Wyatt proceed down the dock escorting the wounded Colonel Boyle.

Boyle was wounded by plunging fire four days ago on 31 July. See:

The party crosses the bridge.

Wyatt: "Colonel, our legation is just round to the right of the American building. Ours is the old Iberian government house we took over last year."

Inhabitants again gather to sell their wares as Britannian and American guards cast a watchful eye and keep the natives away. Though his wound is not mortal, in this heat Boyle needs immediate care from medicos.

His wound is on the side of the abdomen.

Soon he will be resting within.

Three days later:   6 August 1900

Left to right: Chargé d’affaires, Brigadier (ret.) Graham Day's servant Jitters, Day, Wyatt and Lawford.

Day: "Lawford, Wyatt, very good to see you."

Lawford: "When did you arrive Sir? We last saw you on the coast a month ago."

Day: "Last night. Surprised to see me -- I know. Wyatt you keep a good secret."

Wyatt: "You see Colonel, we did not want foes to see him board Zanzibar with us. As far as they know, the Consul General never left the port of Dakla."

Day: "Quite so. Secrets are everything in these parts. [Pause] And now after some refreshment and a tolerable curried chicken, we'll talk about the mission versus those infernal Romanovs."

Return in on the 5th proximo to hear the discussion.

Closing Remarks
1. Jim P., Der Alte Fritz, kindly loaned the following from his collection: Tiger Miniatures Schütztruppe and Americans available from Recreational Conflict, Gunboat Luchs from The Virtual Armchair General, the pilot boat and the small stuccoed  building near the bridge from H.G. Walls. Thank you.

2. Chuck L.'s civilians, pots, boxes and reeds add much to the scene. Thank you.

3. Randy F. also loaned civilians to populate Dongolo. Thank you.

4. All flags with poles are from Flag Dude.

5.Most other structures are from Miniature Building Authority.

6. The cobbled road is from JR Miniatures.

7. The dock was scratch-built for a model railroad layout.

8. The late Brigadier Peter Young gifted The Petrus Monument to me in 1985. It is near the dock. Thank you.

9. Chapter IX is already photographed. Action will heat up with the arrival of Countess Alexandra's expedition and Colonel Lawford's pursuit. Come back on the 5th proximo, if you please.

10. Thank you for your interest. Your remarks are very welcome below. Simply click on the word Comments.


Jacko said...


Your work is more interesting that most Hollywood blockbusters !. Love the gunships and the Embassy staff in the last pic.


Michael Mathews said...

A visual and story-telling treat as always. Awaiting the next installment.

chuck said...

Great looking setup. Im looking forward to another big battle.

Anonymous said...

What I value so much in your blog posts, are the "little things" that are everywhere - the traffic passing down the street (elephant with empty howdah), the civilains so carefully positioned like a diorama, and then there's the photography... My dear old Gran. used to go to the "magic lantern shows" as a child in the 1890s, and be transported to other lands by the slides... And now you are doing the same for me! Excellent! says Squibzy!!

A J said...

Admirable work, sir! Every photo is loaded with atmosphere. Every new report is a delight.

Conrad Kinch said...

A wonderful entertainment.

Larry Stehle said...

I agree with Jacko! You could make a great movie about your blog!

Another great chapter!

Gallia said...

You chaps,
always make great comments which I appreciate a lot. Thank you very much.
Next chapter IX is done and is only waiting for 5 Febraury to be posted. You will see the Romanovs arrive and depart Dongolo. It will be heavily personality driven.
Recently I made a decision to have Expedition to Alexandrapour end with Chapter XX tentatively before 2013.
See you soon as the temperature steadily heats up on the savanna and jungles of Mafrica.