Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 24: Crisis Of Battle!

Date: 14 September 1899/2009
Location: Bebara.
Situation: Crisis Of The Battle
By The By: See Chapters 22-23, for earlier viewing, if needed.
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Viewers will recall the cunning Guru launched a surprise attack against the weak Imperial right flank. And now...let us return there from the native perspective.

Left to Right: Red Sash Rifles fire at the 1st Sikhs screening the Seaforth Highlanders. The Seaforths spent the turn forming an L-shaped line to maximize firepower in the next turn. That is, if the Seaforths are able to remove disorder from clambering over obstacles without restoring order and racing here for the last few turns to shore up the Imperial right flank!

Left to Right: The same Red Sash Rifles (left) plus Red Sash Swordsmen to their right; 72 of 'em! (Mostly unseen: there are 60 Red Sash Riflemen to the left and right of the Red Sash Swordsmen)

Farther to the right: Red Sash Horsemen (48) walk forward supported by Household Rifles in white.

Right To Left: Red Sash Horsemen increase speed from a walk to a canter. The Imperials realize a massive charge is coming in! A diminished body of Household Horsemen add their numbers too but they have suffered grievous 2/3 losses.

Right to Left: Another body of Red Sash Rifles fire on the Imperials whilst the Red Sash Swordsmen creep closer for a charge next turn.

View from the Imperial side.

Upper Left: Native horsemen mentioned earlier.
Upper Right: Red Sash Rifles and Swordsmen
Imperial Line Left to Right: Berkshires, Seaforths and Mountain Guns.

Imperial Reserve: 10th Hussars (left) 9th Bengal Lancers (right).
General Pettygree is centered between the two bodies of cavalry.

THE CHARGE IS NOT STOPPED. Red Sash Swordsmen and Cavalry breached the hail of rapid fire volleys and mountain gun salvos to melee the Seaforths. It is now up to each Highlander and his mates to beat back the furious charge with muscle and a bayonet. It is the crisis of the battle! Will the line hold or break?
1. Return soon for the conclusion.
2. Sorry to keep you in suspense, but that is the nature of a serialized presentation like this.
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Der Alte Fritz said...

Dang Imperial cavalry - not worth a shilling. Their retreat is a disgrace. The Seaforths will stop the native cavalry cold. They've done it before.

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Looks grim but the Seaforths will hold and I'm sure that if any of those heathens break through the line then the lancers will mop them up.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I've always painted up the Gordon Highlanders . . . and I'm sure that THEY would turn back those charging natives.

As for the Seaforths, we will just have to hope and wait.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...


I hope you are enjoying the battle as much as those of us who are viewing at a distance. The Seaforths must hold.


ColCampbell50 said...

I'm sure the Seaforths will uphold the honor of the Highlands, but the Hussars and Bengal lancers will probably get their swords and lances washed before it is all over.

Jim, who has the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders for his colonial army